Monday, January 07, 2013

The time I cried in a restaurant

Remember how I mentioned boyfriend and I are doing the Paleo diet?

... it's harder than it sounds.

Keep in mind I'm powered by pasta and bread.  So this is really hard on me to give up all grains, bread, rice, etc.

So here's the story:

Boyfriend and I haven't been to breakfast once since I've lived in Portland.  It's nearly impossible to go to breakfast when your boyfriend works on your weekends, and vice versa.

So we've never been.

For the next week, boyfriend and I have a brief Sunday together (that's if he doesn't sleep the entire Sunday) so we decided to go to breakfast.  I figured it would be okay.

We went to breakfast and I was reminded of how much I don't like eggs and how much I crave pancakes and Belgian Waffles (preferably with whipped cream and fruit topping.... on top of the butter).  After seeing these massive pancakes the size of sedan tires topped with melted butter passing by my table, I pouted.

All I wanted was pancakes.

With butter.

Boyfriend and I kept talking about the new diet. 
He was so excited and talking about how great it will be for us
And all I see is a plate full of eggs (covered in Tobasco sauce to drown the eggy flavor) in front of me
And plates full of pancakes all around me
And I broke down.
Yup.  I cried.  In a restaurant.
I'm such a baby.

As I sat across from my boyfriend crying and looking at my phone to distract me from being so pathetic, boyfriend kept insisting I stop as it looked like he was breaking up with me in the middle of a restaurant.  He was getting death stares.

... and I was giving my omelette the death stare.

I've never been an egg fan, so riddle me this.  What does a non-egg-eater eat for breakfast on this "only meat, veggies, fruits, and nuts" diet?

I can tell you it's not pancakes covered in butter.


  1. aw you poor thing! but good for you, this diet seems hard but i applaud your support to the boyfriend! keep at it :) xo

  2. Wow - proud of you for sticking to the diet, but I don't blame you for crying :) The Paleo thing seems really, really hard!

  3. Anonymous7:55 AM

    and why are you on a diet?

  4. I would so cry!!! I'd never last on that kind of diet.

  5. I have a friend that swears by this diet!! Good luck!

  6. Hahahagaga I would have cried too


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