Sunday, July 31, 2011

Public Pool in Yerington, NV - Don't waste your time

I have never been so frustrated with a business establishment.  

Background:  Every year for A Night in the Country my friends and I go to the Public Swimming Pool on Saturday to escape the heat.  We discovered last year that it would be a good idea to also utilize the pool's facilities to shower, do our hair, and put on makeup in the women's locker room.  There were TONS of people doing the same thing last year (hence the brilliant idea).  We are a bunch of girls who basically put our feet in the water.  The pool is always packed with tons of people from A Night in the Country - this consists of rowdy hungover groups who could make the pool an unpleasant place for children and families.  Understandable.

This year - my friends and I arrive at the pool and are told that there is lap swimming until 1pm, only people swimming laps are allowed in the facilities.  So we wait at the park just to see two women wading in the pool with dry hair and no intentions of swimming laps.  When I asked the two women at the front desk, they explained "Well they're regulars."

Note to self #1:  rules only apply to non-regulars

When the doors finally opened to non-lap-swimmers, we found that they are charging an additional $5 if you plan on using the showers.  There was a sign on the outside of the door saying "Electricity not working."  CRAP CRAP CRAP for my hair dryer!  So when I considered paying the $5 I asked, "Well is the electricity still out, or is it working?"  The extremely-rude-girl at the front desk looks at me stupidly and says, "Yeah... the electricity is working."  So I pay the $5 for a shower under the assumption that I would be able to do my hair.

Note to self #2:  Test the electricity first - because extremely-rude-front-desk-girl is a liar.

We use the pool then decide it's time to start getting ready.  Are you ready for this - THERE'S NO HOT WATER.  There's no warm water.  There's only ice-cold-freezing-not-worth-$5 water!!

Note to self #3:  Never pay $5 ever again for a cold shower.  Not worth it.

So at this point we are dripping wet and freezing cold.  Oh well - just needed to get my hair done at this point.  I plug in my hair dryer to find that THERE'S NO ELECTRICITY.  Here's where this blog post gets fun.

I walked out and spoke with the lady at the counter.  I told her:

Me:  "There's no electricity in there - when I came in the other girl (see: extremely-rude-front-desk-girl) told me there was."  I described the girl and here was her response:
Girl #2:  "I know for a fact that isn't true, because she is my team lead and she knows that there's no electricity in the locker rooms."
Me:  I tell her that I have 3 friends who all heard the same thing.  She responds with:
Girl #2:  "Well there are a lot of girls who don't like her (see:  extremely-rude-front-desk-girl) so I can't take the chances that your friends have a vendetta against her"
Me:  "Well can you at least ask her - I'm sure she remembered telling me this."
Girl #2 gets Girl #1 (aka extremely-rude-front-desk-girl)
Me:  "You told me that there was electricity in the bathrooms when I asked you."
Girl #1:  "Well I thought there was."
Me:  "Well I was just told that you were well aware there was no electricity in the bathrooms."
Girl #1:  "Well you should have noticed there was no electricity when you walked in there - wasn't it obvious???"
NO IT WASN'T OBVIOUS!!  I don't walk into a bathroom and test out the outlets - dumbass.
Girl #2:  "I don't understand what you want."
I want a flipping apology.
Me:  "I bought the shower because I was told there was electricity - I wouldn't have showered if I knew there wasn't electricity."
Girl #1:  "You already took your shower - we can't take that water off your body and put it back.  You bought the shower, not the electricity."

I have no idea how an establishment can get away treating paying customers this way.  Absolutely no idea.

It was obvious that the pool turned off the power to the locker rooms to prevent people from using the pool to get ready (since last year was a zoo).  What a coincidence that the power worked EVERYWHERE ELSE except the women's locker room.  I have never been treated so poorly - ever.  These two women had no intentions of trying to apologize that they blatantly lied.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Baby!!

I hope you have a wonderful birthday boyfriend!!  
I miss you very very much and can't wait until we can see each other next!!