Monday, May 18, 2015

We reached the beach!!

Last year my darling husband participated in the 100 mile "Reach the Beach" bike ride.

And I supported him.

He kept mentioning I'd like the ride.  So this year I decided to play also.

I was most definitely not ready for the 100, so I signed up for the 55 mile bike ride and met Aaron 45 miles in to finish the remainder ride with him.

Guys - it was a doozy.  The wind was exceptionally fierce and always seems to be going against us.

Here are some notable things that happened during my 55 mile quest to the beach:

  1. Someone walked in on me in the porta-potty - Guys - I was switching out my undergarments (TMI?) when the door SWINGS open and I quickly scream drawing attention to the ENTIRE line.  He slammed the door shut and I started laughing, but couldn't help imagine that he probably got an eye full!!  When I exited said-porta-potty I got a nice cheer from the mile-long line that heard my shriek (any may or may not have seen my goodies).
  2. Ashley vs. Water Bottle - Water Bottle won.  A nice guy decided to take lead and break-wind for us.  As we were riding in a tight 3-person line he drops his water bottle.  Bike-Party-Foul!  Aaron was able to avoid it, but I managed to get it stuck under my tire.  I thought I'd stick it out, but my shoe wouldn't come unclipped from my bike so I fell.  Hard.  I'm waiting for the bruise on my hip to shine through.
  3. Mile 30 breakdown - No - not the flat tire kind of break down.  The tears-and-whining kind of break down.  I managed to not bring ANY shot blocks or fruit snacks or ANY sweet treats with me.  Seriously - and my mom will vouch for me - if there's anything that keeps me going when I'm being active it's a gummy snack.  Even though I had just eaten prior to my breakdown, the salt overload must not have been enough.  So I bonked.  My muscles started to hurt and my energy level crashed.  So we pulled over, I had a cry/whine session, I stretched, ate a GU, and moved onward.  As soon as that GU kicked in it was amazing how much better I felt!  **Note to self: NEVER forget my beloved gummies.  

But for the most part everything was great!  The weather was cold and windy, BUT not rainy and miserable.