Monday, February 17, 2014

Weekend Updates!

Do you ever have those weekends where it's cold and rainy so sometimes it's easier to stay inside than do anything?

Aaron now has Saturday off work (hashtag PoliceProblems) so we've been struggling with what to do on rainy Portland weekends now that we actually get to see each other!

So Aaron's brother was in town this weekend which was a nice way to force us out of the house and do what Portlandian's do best:   
Drink Beer

This weekend was Portland's annual Zwickelmania.  Since Aaron always works Saturday's we've never been able to go.  So not only did we get to go but we got to share all of the fun microbreweries with his brother!

.... and by "all" I mean we were done after 2 beers.  His brother even got to see my allergy to alcohol take over my face and body.


Dateless in Dallas

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Friday and Valentines Day!

While I'd love to say my main squeeze and I have some hot plans for tonight, we don't.  It's not about the plans, it's not about the flowers, it's a lovely February Day to remind us to say, "I Love You" to those we care about.

... it's also an excuse to eat tons of chocolate and candy hearts and get through your Friday with a sugar high...

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Helene in Between

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Engagement Photos!

Now that we've shared our favorite engagement photos with our family and friends, I thought it was time I share them with my bloggy world too :-)

Last time I only shared a couple of photos ("sneak peak" if you will) so here are more photos from such a fun photo shoot!

Some fun facts:
  • Aaron had more outfit changes than I did
  • My 93 year old Grandma made the quilt in our photos
  • The shoot was in Northern Washington (Mt. Baker Wilderness)
  • Our photographers were the most FUN photographers EVER!  

Hope you all like them!