I'm a 20-something redhead living in Portland, OR.  I'm originally from Reno, NV however moved to Portland in February 2012 to be with the boyfriend.  What a great gal, right?? 
  • I love country music, and I'm a total cowgirl-wannabe.  I'm positive real cowpeople hate posers like me, but a girl can dream
  • I'm technically allergic to alcohol - it makes my hands and feet itch and my face gets the asian-glow.  My best friends don't seem to care though :-)  Which is why I love them
  • I was in the sorority (KAPPA ALPHA THETA) and miss living in that house every day
  • I'm the opposite of spontaneous.  "Playing it by ear" totally stresses me out.  I like plans.  And schedules. 
  • I'm never late.  Ever.  In fact, I tend to be about 30minutes - 1hour early everywhere.  No joke.
I work in IT as a Products Analyst - I get to use SQL daily and work with great people.  I love the job and I love how the IT industry is constantly changing.  I wouldn't peg myself as someone who works in IT, which can be an obstacle in trying to prove my worth in this male-dominated industry.  But I think I've come along just fine :-)

I have a wonderful boyfriend HUSBAND I've been dating since September 2008.  He's my other half who takes care of me, but also needs a little taking-care-of himself ;-) 

We got married September 13, 2014 and can't wait to start our future together as Mr. and Mrs. Sieczkowski (good luck pronouncing that gem).

We have two pups - Ibo and Polly.  Ibo is a Frenchie, and Polly is a Boston Terrier.  They have more personality and gas than most people I know - I adore them :-)

I chose to call my bloggy "The Darling Redhead" for a variety of reasons.  I'd like to think the redhead part is obvious.  I love my red (it's actually "auburn" if we get picky) hair and love that it's a unique physical quality of mine.  The "Darling" part comes from my Grammy.  My brother used to call her "Grandmother Darling" which I think is absolutely classy and beautiful.  While I'm not typically classy, mature, or elegant, I like to pretend to be and I like to live up to my Grammy's standards. 


  1. Anonymous7:13 PM

    My roommate who just moved out after he got married was also allergic to alcohol and got the Asian glow, too! He's half-Asian though, so it's probably more normal to him.

    Goes without saying, but I'm a big fan of the blog!

  2. Hey thanks, Sean! It's nice knowing that there's someone out there reading my bloggy :-)

    And did you know I'm part asian too? Only about 1/8th... but still! <-- Asian.

  3. Anonymous7:38 PM

    I did not know that! An exotic redhead...

  4. Your pups are adorable! New follower :)

  5. Just saw your comment on This Valley Life and popped over to check out your blog, I love finding other PDX bloggers. Hope to meet you on Saturday!

  6. you certainly are darling! and your hair color is magnificent! i loved reading all this information about you. and i totally laughed about your dogs. because mine has more gas than any 3 people i know combined. :)

  7. Your blog is too cute! I'm so glad I came across it. I think we have a lot in common and I'm so excited to blog stalk some more! :)

  8. Anonymous3:56 AM


    This link might interest you


    greets !

  9. Anonymous8:38 AM

    Hi Ashley,

    I hope this finds you well! I think your blog is adorable and love your energy. I found your blog through the Portland Bloggers website which noted that you like to cook!

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    Look forward to hearing from you!

  10. Hey girl, I just found your blog and as a fellow Portland area blogger I can't wait to follow along!!

  11. Hi!

    I found your blog through Portland Bloggers and I would love to connect with you (from one redhead to another) and introduce you to iFlavor, a sugar-free & calorie-free premium flavoring for alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages. We are are available in convenience stores in Portland. I would love to send you some samples to try, write a blog post about and/or host a contest on your site. Visit www.iflavor.com for more information. If interested, please email me at kim@kimwacker.com.




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