Wednesday, September 18, 2013

My Backyard - Current City

Remember my last post about my hometown?  My next little post is about my current city, Portland, OR.

Guys - it's B-E-A-Yoooootiful here.  Gosh darn gorgeous.  We put up with 9 months of rain for a reason: The Summers.  July, August, and September could not be any prettier than up in the Pacific Northwest.

We have festivals almost every weekend in the summer, everything is about beer (and microbreweries), the food is amazing, and we have color.  Tons of color.  The people are colorful.  The city is colorful.  It's wonderful.

I joke about living with hippies, but in all honesty I'm totally serious.  There are hippies galore here.  If you move to Portland or visit here, you'll learn really quickly to recycle (you want me to have HOW many trash cans?) and appreciate Gluten Free/Vegan foods.  And get used to the smell of incense (blech gag vomit).

So with that being said, here are some of the pictures we've taken while we've lived in Portland!
Woodburn Tulip Fesitval!
Hop, skip, and a jump away to the coast

Outdoorsy stuff.... like skiing

A beautiful waterfront

A forest... smack dab in the middle of Portland.

Good beer and perfect temps

Waterfalls... everywhere
Amazing hikes and beautiful rivers
Bridges, Bridges, and Bridges

Now that I've fully exploited this beautiful city we're living in, come visit (curing July, August, or September).  We love guests and love to share this wonderful city.