Monday, November 22, 2010


Aaron and I went to the official kickoff of winter last weekend.  I lovelove Warren Miller.  I was actually quite different this year than past years, but it was still good.

Can't wait to go skiing!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

My Sister's Wedding!!

My beautiful sister got married!!!  For those of you who don't know, this is my biological sister.  It was funny running into people at the wedding and they'd ask, "Are you with the bride or groom?"

Me:  "The bride, she's my sister!!" 
It's funny. 
Since we are in two different families (adopted to different families) not many people know who my biological sister is.  They know about her though!  Pretty funny

(My little brothers, Nathan and Keenan)

(My extremely handsome boyfriend)

What the...

I almost peed my pants when I saw this.  THEN I became enthralled trying to figure out what kind of spider it was!  The first picture is the Spider in Aaron's house.  The second picture is a photo of a camel spider I found online.  Look at the butt!  And the extra long fang thingers!  They're the same.  Me thinks.


Aaron and I carved our first pumpkin!  I lovelovelove carving pumpkins! 

We decided to head to the store because Aaron wanted to get pumpkin carving tools.  I kept warning him how chintzy the pumpkin carving kits were and all I heard back was, "Ashley, they make stuff specifically for carving pumpkins."  Silly boy - never knew the good ol' kitchen knife trick.

Anyhow, we ended up buying a pumpkin carving SAW hahahaha.  Gosh he's such a boy.  "IT'S A SAW!!"  It was only $7 and it actually worked really well!!

Aaron drew our pumpkin for us.  I'm not really artistically inclined when it comes to carving pumpkins (see picture below):
(my artistic vision)

Thank goodness Aaron drew our pumpkin face :-) 

(me: "I love our pumpkin!"  Aaron: "Look honey!  Ibo loves him too...")

(I couldn't get a clear picture because it was so cold I was shivering)

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Are you my daddy?

So I sometimes wonder who I take after??

You know how a mom or dad will always say, "She gets that from me!"  Aaron's mom always says this about him.

Well I get the opposite. 

"Don't know who she got that from!  Definitely wasn't me..."
(mostly my dad's response when people talk about my good grades hahahaha).

Ok but really, I don't think I'm like anyone.  I can kind of be like my mom sometimes because I say things like "Ooooo!" and "Car fart!!"  But really?  That's it?  I don't have my mom's creative imagination (Harry Potter, Twilight, BUrning Man, etc), love for running, and all around positive attitude (I'm sorry, most times the glass is half empty).  I actually dislike running (I swear I was born without endorphins) and I'm terrified of Burning Man.

I don't have my dad's hands-on-always-has-to-be-busy-and-project-oriented, neatness, Type A personality, ability to go to a City alone for 4 months and make friends with all of the locals.  Actually, I'm shy and would sometimes rather sit on the couch and watch TV than start ANOTHER project.

I'm like no one.  I am the redheaded step-child.

My Grammy was the only one who ever said, "She gets that from me!"  For example....
Someone:  "Ashley, what beautiful red hair!"
Grammy (with not-so-red-hair):  "She get's that from me!"

She would say it in response to anything positive.  Good grades, pretty little girl, etc etc.  Pretty funny. 

But really.  Don't you sometimes like to see who you're like?  My brother is equally my mom and my dad.  He loves burning man, harry potter, Type A personality, always makes friends every where, enjoys running, dark hair like mom, nose like dad.

Yup.  I'm a redheaded step-child.