Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"Healthy" Work Snacks

With my new “budget” I have attempted to set for myself, one thing I have tried to quit is buying food from the cafeteria at work (or  going out to lunch).  To do this, I need to have a variety of work snacks to keep me going and keep my attention.  I don’t want snacks like Doritos (although those would keep my attention HANDS DOWN!), I’m trying to do this whole “somewhat healthy on the days I feel like it” thing.  I do pretty well!  … with the exception of my recently developed cookie fetish.  These are the recent snacks I’ve been bringing to work:

Yogurt and Granola
I eat this almost every morning for breakfast.  Aaron and my mom would be so proud because I NEVER eat breakfast (I haven’t since middle school).  My favorite granola is the Bear Naked – Fruit and Nut granola.  I can’t eat yogurt alone b/c the texture is Nasty McNasterson, so I have finally found my favorite granola to combine with it.  I’ve tried other granolas, but this is my favorite.

Cottage Cheese with some Orange Jello (the sugar stuff)
I’ve always wanted to like cottage cheese, surprisingly the texture doesn’t affect me, but the taste is… odd.  I have an amazing Jello Salad Recipe (courtesy of my Aunt Peggy and Grammy), so this led me to start eating cottage cheese with a little bit of Orange Jello Sugar stuff to give it some taste.  Tose Jorres says it looks like puke, but it tastes nummy.  I could eat the whole carton, so to prevent this I’ll usually only eat 2 tablespoons as a serving.

Flat Bread/Wheat English McMuffins
… with butter or penut butter.  I blame Aaron for the flat bread.  And YES I KNOW it’s “English Muffin” not “McMuffin” but “McMuffin” rolls off the tongue nicely, and I like to call it that, so I’m going to call it what I please J 

Popchips – BBQ Flavor
I blame my Aunt Peggy for this one.  This is for when I’m considering, “I want something new to eat… vending machine anyone?”  Bad, bad vending machine.  So I’ll munch on some Pop Chips (I got Court hooked on these).

Tuna Packs
They sell those little snack pack things for Tuna, and they’re actually quite good!  They come with a little mayo packet (I’ll use half of it) and a packet of relish, and some crackers.  I’ve only gotten the StarKist brand, but I recommend them.  Nummy.

Pepper Triscuits/Laughing Cow Cheese in Light Swiss
I blame my Aunt Peggy, again, for the cheese.  But if you haven’t tried this, TRY IT!!  It’s good on wheat thins too, but I LOVELOVE the Pepper Triscuits so I combine the two.

Carrots and Hummus
Mmmm enough said.

Campbell’s Select Harvest Chicken Noodle Soup
I don’t drink the broth, because broth is GRODY, but the chicken pieces are actually good and REAL pieces of chicken.  The noodles are whole grain and stay firm (another texture issue for me).  This was more of a “winter snack” and I rarely crave it, but it’s nice to have when I want something warm and the “Spaghetti and Meatballs” downstairs in the  cafeteria is calling my name.  I get the little microwaveable cans, so it’s easy to nuke and throw away.

On the mornings (or evenings) I feel extra motivated, I’ll cut up strawberries.  Now that it’s FRUIT SEASON I’ll probably be bringing in plums and nectarines/peaches.  MY FAVORITE!  Oh!  And Cherries!  I love fruit.

That’s pretty much it.  If I remember anything else I’ll add to it, just for future reference.  Occasionally I’ll go to the  cafeteria to get a hardboiled egg.  One snack I’ve considered bringing in is a yam (or sweet potato, I forget the difference) and microwave it for a HEALTHY snack.  Aaron’s mom made these once in the microwave and ever since I’ve thought, “What a great idea for work!”  Another idea I heard once was a cut up cucumber with a little vinaigrette (or light Italian).  Sounds tasty. 

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

10 Things

I was listening to the radio today and it was talking about this girl who was 23 years old and recently laid off from her job.  This caused her to downsize from her apartment to a trailer, and from this event she wrote an article describing the 10 things she couldn’t live without (some of which were booze, TV, school, etc).  This got me to thinking about the 10 things I can’t live without, so I’ve been pondering all day trying to make a list.  This is what I have come up with (in no particular order):

#1 Ice
I like my stuff cold.  When I went to Europe in the 7th grade I learned really quickly how much I take advantage of having ice readily available.  I love ice.  I want my milk as cold as possible.  My water to stay chilly.  Etc. etc.  I’d hate life without ice.  

#2  Lotion
I have only ever met 1 person who likes lotion more than me, and that’s my best friend Carolina.  We share the SAME obsession about avoiding dry skin, especially our feet.  The worst feeling ever is having dusty feet (for example, at the beach).  I think this is when Lina and I fell in love – when we realized each other’s love for lotion.  Oh also when we both pulled out baby wipes (at the beach) to wipe off our feet, followed by lotion.  Can you say “Match Made in Heaven” ???!

#3  Friends
I thrive off of my friendships.  I need girlfriends to talk to.  To chat with.  To whine to.  To giggle with.  I have some amazing friends, and I’d be a horribly lonely and depressed person without them.  I love having friends, and I love making friends.  Between my best friends, my boyfriend, and my family, I’d like to think I’m well off  :-)

#4  Garlic 
Enough Said

#5  Cookies
Chocolate Chip, White Chocolate Macadamia Nut, and everything in between.  This also encompasses pazookies and other “Sweets.”

#6  My Education 
It has made me who I am, and it has provided me with the experiences I have.  Without my education, I don’t know who I would be or where I would go in life.

#7  My Camera/Pictures
I feel like I easily forget experiences (such as vacations) so I try my hardest to take pictures as often as I can.  There’s nothing better than pulling out an old photo and remembering all of the memories from that single picture.  I hope 20 years from now I can look at my pictures from 2010 and say, “I lived an awesome life when I was 23, and here are the pictures to prove it.”  When I look at an old photo I’m instantly overwhelmed with an abundance of memories that I probably would never have remembered.  You can’t put a price on memories.

#8  My computer/iPhone
I’m a total technology junkie.  I wouldn’t know how to survive in that mean world without my ability to,,, GPS maps, text message, etc.  

#9   Pasta/Garlic Bread 
Seriously, my favorite food.  

#10  A Car 
I understand I totally take advantage of my vehicle.  So many people don’t even have a car, and I couldn’t imagine life without it.  Midnight jaunts to walmart, driving across town to see my parents, driving to work, meeting friends for lunch, and so much more.  Although my lovely car is far from perfect (thank you check engine light), it serves its purpose and gets me from A to B.  

Otay your turn!  (Jenn I know you read this, so you should make a "10 things" list too... ok go!) :-)  Aaron you read it too... I'd be curious to see what yours is like (#1 Ice Axe, #2 warm sleeping bag, #3 Cliff Bars...).

Thursday, May 20, 2010


My Beautiful Sister Tara is engaged!  She'll be getting married toward the end of this year.  I just wanted to post one of her beautiful engagement pictures because I think it's amazing!

Yup.  That's my sister.  Great genes, eh?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Luck o' the Irish?

Am I even Irish?  I know I have red hair, but Jenn has red hair and she's not Irish.

Anywho, I felt like making a post on my lucky winnings lately.  Seriously, I should be investing in the lottery.

Within the past year, I have won:
  • A trip to the bahamas
  • Backstage passes to meet Jake Owen (well, actually, Lisa won them)
  • Sugarland 5th row concert tickets
  • Tim McGraw/Lady Antebellum Tickets
  • Moola Palooza Tickets
  • Subway Prize Pack
Uhmm... that's all I can think of right now, but pretty sweet right?!  I'm totally on a roll.

House Update:  I realize I will need more than I realize.  Little things that you take for granted (NOTE:  NOT "GRANITE"...  Pet Peeve is when people say "take it for granite").  Things like a microwave, coffee table, toaster, cutting boards, decoration, etc.  I can't wait! 

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I'm done with my finals!! Thank. Goodness. My brain is exhausted.

Now if only the weather could get better because I'm ready to ride my bike and get my tan on :-)

Monday, May 10, 2010

San Diego Pics

Here are some of the pictures from San Diego!

(The view from dad's balcony)

(My cruiser!)

(Me and Dad)

(Me and Aunt Peggy)

Sunday, May 09, 2010

The Beginning

.... of summer is almost here!!  I can't wait until I don't have any more exams, homework, class, etc after work.  I'll get off of work at 3:30 and... BE DONE!  This is also known as: Summer.

My life is moving at an incredibly fast pace right now and I'm trying my hardest to keep up.  I have recently acquired this nasty thing called "Too Much Responsibility."  I'm totally okay with paying my own bills and being locked into a 1 year lease, but now am I technically locked into a 30 year lease?  I know I can rent or sell, but it's just so scary to actually have bought a HOUSE.  My step-sister Jen bought one recently... with her husband.  My step-brother Bryce bought one recently... with his girlfriend Tracie.  And here I am, little ol' Ash at the ripe age of 23 buying a house on my own.  AM I STUPID?!

... sometimes I think I am.  Then other times I think that this could possibly be an amazing learning experience, or a detrimental learning experience.  Either way, I'll learn.  I suppose.

In order to buy a house, one needs a JOB right?  I'd love to explain my job dilemma over bloggy time, but I figure it's probably best to keep this info a secret until a more definite answer comes about.  But I have a mega-dilemma right now, just to throw that out there.

Once again, I want answers.  I want someone to coddle my in their arms and say, "Darling Ashley... here's how you should play your cards for the next ten years."  Can someone get on this?  Kthanks.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

My Budget? Cash Moneeeeey

So I’ve never really had a “budget.”  I don’t go around spending my entire bank account, I have a mental idea of what is in my bank account, but I’ve never specifically allocated money to “a budget.”

In order to increase savings and decrease frivolous spending, I have decided to create a BUDGET (dun dun dun). 

Because of my recent new purchase (A HOUSE) it is time I start saving as much as possible to prepare for my car taking a dump, anything in the house breaking, and managing my money in general.  I am proud of myself!!

I recently set up a recurring transfer from my checking to my savings to begin my budgeting process (Step 1!).  For me, if the money isn’t in my checking account, I won’t see it as free-to-go-shopping money. 
Out of sight, out of mind. 
I am going to try to use the envelope system because it comes highly recommended (by people I know, and internet sources).  The envelope system consists of withdrawing cash, designating it to a specific “envelope” (such as “Gas” or “Entertainment”) and using that money as a budget for the month.  This is the website I’ve bookmarked: Budget Website

I’m excited to start my budget!  Up until now, all I’ve saved is 3 months worth of expenses if anything ever happened to my job.  My aunt told me when I first started working that you should always try to save 3 months worth of rent/payments/etc. in case my job goes KAPUT.  So I’ve done that, but saved the bare minimum I’ve needed.  I shall now start saving more!  WEEEE!  I shall name you budget, and you shall be mine.  You shall be my budget.

Oh, I also may start coupon clipping.  No joke.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom!

She may or may not be 54 today...

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Nummy Cookies

I have this new addiction
Baking Cookies

I don't know when or why it began, but nothing is better than craving something sweet and having freshly baked cookies ready to be consumed.

Om nom nom

I think Courtney has a love hate relationship with my cookies.  She loves me when I bake them, and loves to eat them, but pretends to hate it.  "Ahhh more cookies?!  I GUESS I'll have to eat another" haha.  She loves me (... Court... you'll miss me).

My newest creation is White Chocolate Macadamia Nut cookies.  They're THE BEST ever!  I adjusted the recipe to reflect my nummy tastes, and they turned out perfectly. 

I'm currently in the airport, daydreaming about these nummy cookies so I thought I'd make a post to pass the time.

P.S. Do you know what I hate more than anything?  Copiers.  Not the machine.  The person who isn't intelligent enough to make his (or her) own decisions or come up with their own unique ideas.  So they have to steal the ideas of others.  I know people says "you should be flattered."  No.  I'm pissed.  Don't steal my idea that I was so proud of... the same idea that you gave me NO SUPPORT on.  So congrats to you, you unsupporting fucker, congrats on stolen ideas.  

For now I will stay in the San Diego airport and continue studying for my horrible BADM 730 exam that gives me nightmares  :-)

Saturday, May 01, 2010

The Glass House

Pictures to come  later...

I'm at my dad's beach condo i n San Diego.  "Beach Condo" usually consists of a condo 3 blocks from the beach, but close enough to call it a beach house.

NO WAY!!  This place is a glass house on the BEACH!!!

An elevator to the room
A TV that comes down from the ceiling
A button you push to make the blinds come from the ceiling
Every wall (even the bathroom) is a class wall

It's a glass house no doubt. 

The condo I  stayed in last night (next door) is a 2 million dollar glass house.  Can you believe it!!?  This place is spectacular.   There is top of the line technology in this home.  The shower is a steam shower.  My dad  paid $15,000 for the time he is staying here!!!!!!! 

I may never have this opportunity again, so I am taking full advantage.

OH!  I forgot!  Free beach  cruisers.  Mine is pink :-)

I hope my new blog layout is cute, I worked long and  hard on it, but it's all MINE and I made it all by myself!

That's all  she wrote :-)