Saturday, May 08, 2010

My Budget? Cash Moneeeeey

So I’ve never really had a “budget.”  I don’t go around spending my entire bank account, I have a mental idea of what is in my bank account, but I’ve never specifically allocated money to “a budget.”

In order to increase savings and decrease frivolous spending, I have decided to create a BUDGET (dun dun dun). 

Because of my recent new purchase (A HOUSE) it is time I start saving as much as possible to prepare for my car taking a dump, anything in the house breaking, and managing my money in general.  I am proud of myself!!

I recently set up a recurring transfer from my checking to my savings to begin my budgeting process (Step 1!).  For me, if the money isn’t in my checking account, I won’t see it as free-to-go-shopping money. 
Out of sight, out of mind. 
I am going to try to use the envelope system because it comes highly recommended (by people I know, and internet sources).  The envelope system consists of withdrawing cash, designating it to a specific “envelope” (such as “Gas” or “Entertainment”) and using that money as a budget for the month.  This is the website I’ve bookmarked: Budget Website

I’m excited to start my budget!  Up until now, all I’ve saved is 3 months worth of expenses if anything ever happened to my job.  My aunt told me when I first started working that you should always try to save 3 months worth of rent/payments/etc. in case my job goes KAPUT.  So I’ve done that, but saved the bare minimum I’ve needed.  I shall now start saving more!  WEEEE!  I shall name you budget, and you shall be mine.  You shall be my budget.

Oh, I also may start coupon clipping.  No joke.


  1. Congratulations Kite!!! I can't believe you're buying a house! That's so exciting! And also congratulations on the budgeting! Good luck =)

  2. I need to budget more. I am DEAD broke. :(


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