Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"Healthy" Work Snacks

With my new “budget” I have attempted to set for myself, one thing I have tried to quit is buying food from the cafeteria at work (or  going out to lunch).  To do this, I need to have a variety of work snacks to keep me going and keep my attention.  I don’t want snacks like Doritos (although those would keep my attention HANDS DOWN!), I’m trying to do this whole “somewhat healthy on the days I feel like it” thing.  I do pretty well!  … with the exception of my recently developed cookie fetish.  These are the recent snacks I’ve been bringing to work:

Yogurt and Granola
I eat this almost every morning for breakfast.  Aaron and my mom would be so proud because I NEVER eat breakfast (I haven’t since middle school).  My favorite granola is the Bear Naked – Fruit and Nut granola.  I can’t eat yogurt alone b/c the texture is Nasty McNasterson, so I have finally found my favorite granola to combine with it.  I’ve tried other granolas, but this is my favorite.

Cottage Cheese with some Orange Jello (the sugar stuff)
I’ve always wanted to like cottage cheese, surprisingly the texture doesn’t affect me, but the taste is… odd.  I have an amazing Jello Salad Recipe (courtesy of my Aunt Peggy and Grammy), so this led me to start eating cottage cheese with a little bit of Orange Jello Sugar stuff to give it some taste.  Tose Jorres says it looks like puke, but it tastes nummy.  I could eat the whole carton, so to prevent this I’ll usually only eat 2 tablespoons as a serving.

Flat Bread/Wheat English McMuffins
… with butter or penut butter.  I blame Aaron for the flat bread.  And YES I KNOW it’s “English Muffin” not “McMuffin” but “McMuffin” rolls off the tongue nicely, and I like to call it that, so I’m going to call it what I please J 

Popchips – BBQ Flavor
I blame my Aunt Peggy for this one.  This is for when I’m considering, “I want something new to eat… vending machine anyone?”  Bad, bad vending machine.  So I’ll munch on some Pop Chips (I got Court hooked on these).

Tuna Packs
They sell those little snack pack things for Tuna, and they’re actually quite good!  They come with a little mayo packet (I’ll use half of it) and a packet of relish, and some crackers.  I’ve only gotten the StarKist brand, but I recommend them.  Nummy.

Pepper Triscuits/Laughing Cow Cheese in Light Swiss
I blame my Aunt Peggy, again, for the cheese.  But if you haven’t tried this, TRY IT!!  It’s good on wheat thins too, but I LOVELOVE the Pepper Triscuits so I combine the two.

Carrots and Hummus
Mmmm enough said.

Campbell’s Select Harvest Chicken Noodle Soup
I don’t drink the broth, because broth is GRODY, but the chicken pieces are actually good and REAL pieces of chicken.  The noodles are whole grain and stay firm (another texture issue for me).  This was more of a “winter snack” and I rarely crave it, but it’s nice to have when I want something warm and the “Spaghetti and Meatballs” downstairs in the  cafeteria is calling my name.  I get the little microwaveable cans, so it’s easy to nuke and throw away.

On the mornings (or evenings) I feel extra motivated, I’ll cut up strawberries.  Now that it’s FRUIT SEASON I’ll probably be bringing in plums and nectarines/peaches.  MY FAVORITE!  Oh!  And Cherries!  I love fruit.

That’s pretty much it.  If I remember anything else I’ll add to it, just for future reference.  Occasionally I’ll go to the  cafeteria to get a hardboiled egg.  One snack I’ve considered bringing in is a yam (or sweet potato, I forget the difference) and microwave it for a HEALTHY snack.  Aaron’s mom made these once in the microwave and ever since I’ve thought, “What a great idea for work!”  Another idea I heard once was a cut up cucumber with a little vinaigrette (or light Italian).  Sounds tasty. 


  1. Tose Jorres1:15 PM

    I'll gladly eat all the snacks you don't want.

    Thanks for the shout out!

  2. good job acray! This post makes me feel slightly bad because I've been having gelato and carbs carbs carbs everyday....hahahaha

  3. Ahh Jenn it must be HORRIBLE living in Italy. I can only imagine being forced to eat Gelato!


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