Monday, February 25, 2013

Guess who has a shiny new ring?

If you follow me on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, you've probably heard my latest and greatest exciting news.


That's right babes - he got down on one knee, fed me a cheeseball (but really sweet) line, and blinded me with a shiny new rock.

"Boyfriend" and I decided to plan a little trip to Bend, OR to go skiing at Bachelor and play with my new backcountry ski set up (which I'm OBSESSED with).  We invited another couple along with us because traveling is always more fun with friends.

Friday we had a day at Bachelor planned for groomed skiing.

And Saturday we had a day backcountry skiing planned.

After trekking up the mountain we wanted to ski, we stopped at the top to take in the views.  Maile had Aaron's camera and I kept waiting for her to finish taking pictures because I wanted to take pictures with it.

So then she says, "Get together let's take a picture of you two!"

... and as I'm making my way over to boyfriend I notice he's facing straight toward me.  Not the camera.

... then it started.

"So babe..."

I looked over at Maile and Kent and they have smiles from ear to ear snapping pictures like crazy.  I look back and see the ring and boyfriend on one knee.

Here's what was going through my head.


Gibberish.  All gibberish.

Please keep in mind we're both still in our skis, so I did my best to throw myself over him and wrap my arms around his head helmet.

Boyfriend:  "Is that a yes?"

Maile and Kent knew the entire time. 

Fiance, you done good.  You're a keeper ;-)

That's my quick and dirty story in a nutshell!  Here are some pictures to blow your mind.