Monday, June 24, 2013

Utah Vacay! Canyoneering Day

After our Color Me Rad run, we high tailed it home, took an epic shower, and went straight to the airport.

We flew to Vegas so that the fiance could go rockclimbing with his bro-mance while my cousin and I caught up on girl time.  We only stayed for a couple of days before heading to UTAH!

Now fiance and I lovelovelove Utah.  We went to Zion back in 2009 and LOVED it.  We drove down one afternoon, slept, did the Narrows AND Angel's Landing in one day, then drove back to Reno.

Conquered both in the same day

We've been saying we need to go back to Utah, so we decided to make a week of our little Vegas trip.  We rented a car (which was a hassle and a half) and booked it to Zion.

Fiance really wanted to do some slot canyoneering so we threw on our helmets, grabbed a rope and some waterproof bags, and found our slot.

Now Zion is hot.  A lot hotter than the 66 degree weather here in Portland.  So when everyone kept asking, "Are you going to bring a wetsuit?" All I could think was, "It's hot here.  I'm not a baby, I don't need a wetsuit."

We chose to do the Pine Creek Canyon slot.  We REALLY wanted to do subway, but didn't have luck getting the permit.  Pine Creek was a great introductory slot for us.  It only took about 4 hours to complete and all of the rappels were bolted.  I HIGHLY recommend this if you ever get a chance to do a slot.

The very first jump was into a 6ft pool.  I found out REALLY quickly why everyone was suggesting wetsuits.  After making the freezing cold jump I saw there were a ton of guys.  Like... guy central. 

Wore a wetsuit.

And here is little Ashley running around in a tank top and shorts.  I was prepared to turn around and book it back to the campsite, but decided to pretend to be a badass and not need a wetsuit. 

Hey... I lived, right?

Anyhow, the slot was amazing. It was beautiful. The pictures don't do it justice! One day we'll be able to go back and do more slots.

And then he asks me, "hey babe - you ever thought you'd have to hitchhike?"  Just when I thought I'd done it all...

Friday, June 21, 2013

Color Me Rad

Hi Friends!  The fiance and I have recently returned from our week-long vacation.

Yep - you read it right.  AN ENTIRE WEEK!!  And it felt so good.

We started the vacation with the Color Me Rad 5k run and had ZE BEST time.  We did the run with another couple and had so much fun.

If you haven't done a color run, you HAVE to sign up.  Like, now.

We have so many pictures from our vacation that I'm realizing I need to break up my bloggy posts rather than do one massive photo dump.  Beginning with the color run of course...