Saturday, July 07, 2012

Jet Plane Fever

I love traveling.  I feel like my family has had opportunities to have fun vacations in the past, so what little girl wouldn't quickly fall in love with traveling? 

Since January, I feel like I have traveled everywhere!  I have had some lucky opportunities to board a plane and experience something new.

Limo ride to the airport!

March - St. Charles, IL
In March, I flew to St. Charles, IL twice.  One week each.  My new job is with a consulting firm, so I don't travel as much as the consultants do, but this was still my first exposure to airport-madness! 
For two Mondays, I booked a 4:00am taxi to take me to the airport. 
And for two Fridays (actually, one Friday and one Thursday), I booked my boyfriend for an airport pick up.

April - Boston, MA
In April I went to Boston, again for work.  I was there Monday - Thursday and had my first experience with taking a train to work!!  It was a crazy week, and we were in our business suits for the entire time, but I learned a lot and had a great time.

June - Tucson, AZ
I have recently returned from Tucson, AZ.  Kappa Alpha Theta Nationals recently contacted me to speak during their CASA Breakfast as a former CASA youth.  During the CASA breakfast, I told my story.  I talked about where I was.  Where I am now.  And how my CASA impacted my life.  WHAT AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE.  I had the best time.  The JW Marriott Starr Pass was AH-MAY-ZING.  I was so happy they asked me to speak at the event and that I was able to attend.  I met so many wonderful ladies and a wonderful time!!
The amazing JW Marriott at Starr Pass

4 Things I Love Right Now

1. Swiffer Sweeper Mop Pads

I hate mopping. There's something about filling up a bucket full of soapy water that just screams, "TIME WASTER!" I've used the solution that you squirt on the ground and mop away which is my favorite! However I was also recently introduced to the Swiffer Sweeper Mop Pads. My aunt got me a little Swiffer Sweeper Vacuum thinger for Christmas, and these fit perfectly on my Swiffer! We have a little kitchen and bathroom, so it's just enough to fully mop everything with as little effort as possible. LOVE!

2. Pirate's Booty

White Cheddar-y Cheesy Goodness. I can't get enough of this little treat right now.

3. Grapefruit

I've never been a grapefruit fan. Ever. My mom would always have our fruit bowl constantly stocked with ruby-red grapefruits, and while they look delicious, I hated the taste. After traveling to Chicago for training for work, I began eating a grapefruit for breakfast every morning. Ever since, I LOVE grapefruit. Since my appendix surgery, I've had an extremely sensitive stomach. Eating grapefruit has never been a problem for my picky/sensitive tummy and my body loves it.

4. Reef shoes

Background: When I was in high school, I had surgery on my right foot. I was blessed with Bunions, Bunionettes, and wide feet. I had a bunionectomy to remove my bunion. While my bone structure apparently looks good in x-rays, I now have permanent feet "issues." ... and still have wide feet.
Because of this, I can't wear flip flops. Ever. I know any podiatrist will tell you flip flops are horrible, but when you're in high school/college/your-20's, flip flops are a necessity. I can no longer wear flip flops without excruciating pain in both feet. I can only wear old-lady sandals (lovely), sandals with back-straps(THANK GOODNESS THESE ARE IN RIGHT NOW!), tennis shoes (because who doesn't look cool on the beach in socks and tennies), or flats (another podiatrist nightmare). Flats have become a staple in my closet.
I found these gems at REI, and while they were a tad pricey I had an REI dividend that made them uber affordable. They have a slight arch in them (mom would be proud) and they're padded on the inside (it's a foot-massage with every step). I love putting these on, and don't need to kick them off as soon as I walk through the door. LOVE!