Friday, May 27, 2011

My poor neglected bloggy

It saddens me that I have barely blogged this semester!!  It has been a busy semester, and with my professional blog for my MBA class, I didn't have too much time to dedicate to my personal bloggy.

So now I have one more week until my summer school classes start - hopefully I'll be able to get in a blog post or two!  I have pictures to post and stories to tell :-)

To start with:
  • I have 1 more year left before I have earned my MBA
  • Aaron may be moving to Oregon July 1st
  • I have only gotten 1 B my entire MBA career (darn it) - THE REST ARE A'S! 
  • I have cooked some yummy food - I'll post the recipes
  • I've implemented a budget - kind of
  • My house still isn't complete
  • I'm addicted to cool ranch doritos
  • I went to Yosemite with Kimmy, Dan, and Aaron - SO FUN!
I'll post new stuff soon!