Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Work Travel Bug

I've been MIA.

These past two weeks I have:
  • Started my new job
  • Flown to Chicago twice
  • Stayed in a hotel room 8 times (so far)
  • Received limo transportation to the airport
  • Met new colleagues
  • Done homework and taken assessments
  • Given presentations
  • Gone skiing at Mt. Hood
  • Gone Rock Climbing at Portland Rock Gym (it was just "eh")

Aaaaand scene. 

It's always exciting starting a new job!  It's even more exciting to travel to a new city in order to attend the "first day of work."  I am blessed to have a position I'm proud of, new opportunities, endless supply of frozen yogurt, and an amazing boyfriend to pick me up from the airport at the end of the week. 

Does it get any better?  Negative, ghostrider. 

Thursday, March 01, 2012

IDK, my BFF Lou?

Before I left Reno, my friend Lina (aka Lou) would text me things like "You can't leave!"  "I'm going to be so sad!"  "I'm going to miss you!"

So I made her a little present to remember "us" by before I left.



Boyfriend and I are addicted to the TV show Grimm.

We had watched one random episode... and it was freaky.  I was LOST and not expecting what we saw.  Because of this, if you decide to watch this TV show, watch it from the very first episode!

Luckily, due to my super-mega-awesome Hulu+ account, boyfriend and I have the ability to watch every episode starting at #1.


So what's so cool about this show?  It's Law and Order-esque, but with a more interesting plot line.  I'm not familiar with Brothers Grimm, but apparently everyone else is, which is what this show encompasses. 

Also, the show is based in Portland, OR.  Awesome!  So for boyfriend and I who are newly transplanted into Portland, it's fun to watch the various filming locations and see the different neighborhoods.  Sometimes I get excited and squeal "I know where that is!!"  Darn straight - I'm learning this city, even if I have to watch TV to do it :-)