Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My Backyard - Hometown

Hi Friends!

The other day I was in the airport leaving my day-and-a-half trip to Vegas, because I work for the coolest company that has an annual company conference in Vegas.  Although I was still an 8 hour drive from Reno, I thought I'd finally make this post I've had in mind for a while.

I constantly see people post pictures on their blog of this magical land called "Tahoe."  They then proceed to talk about where Tahoe is and how beautiful it is.  Every time my comment to those posts is "that's my backyard!!"

I'm from Reno, NV.  Born and raised.

I tell people this and they usually give that, "Gross" look.  It's not gross, unless you go downtown.  Then it's gross.  But Reno is lovely, especially if you're outdoorsy.

So welcome to my Hometown Backyard.

We have Santa Pub Crawls 

We have Wine Walks

We have Balloon Races and Dawn Patrol

We have Night in the Country and amazing sunsets #NoFilter

We have Donner Lake and backyard rock climbing

We have TAHOE


I could go on and had to limit the pictures I used, but Reno really can be a fun city.  Not to mention the Doughboy Donuts rock ANY donut shop here in Portland.