Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sugarland Concert

I have this sort of "luck" sometimes when it comes to winning things.  One of my recent winnings was 5th row SUGARLAND concert tickets up at Harvey's Lake Tahoe.

A few years ago, I had 5th row Tickets to see Sugarland as well.  I was bailed on by my date at the last minute (because he "forgot" to get the night off work) so I asked another girlfriend of mine to go.  She bailed on me a couple of hours before the show.  So I ran to Lina (we were all living in the sorority at the time) and beggggggggged for her to come with me.  Pleeeeeeeease!  1st my date bails, then a friend bails, I can't have my best friend bail.

1 problem - My little bolivian friend doesn't like country.  BUT she willingly said she'd come with me, threw on an outfit and off we were to dance away at the Sugarland concert.  This is when she fell in love with Sugarland :-)  Thanks Lina!

(This is how close we were!)

Anywho, since she ended up really liking Sugarland, I asked her to come with me again.  Hey, maybe we'll have to make 5th row Sugarland concerts a regular thing? 

Anyhow, the show was spectacular.  Jennifer Nettles has such a beautful voice and is filled with talent.  I like to think she should be Taylor Swift's mamma because she puts on an amazing performance and has so much PASSION.

A Night in the Country

This past weekend was the country music festival called A Night in the Country (Website) in Yerington, NV.  The performing artists this year were: Diamond Rio, Terri Clark, Chuck Wicks, and Blake Shelton (headliner).  To sum it all up, it's camping + country concerts + booze + friends + cowboy boots.  it doesn't get better than that :-)

We camped with the same people we camped with last year... I like to refer to it as "Brett and co."  We were in TENT CITY and we were part of the minority camping in tents.  The lucky ones had RVs = Air Conditioned Luxury.  There were probably close to 10 tents in our group, ours held 5 girls (Me, Kimmy, Leslie, Marie, and Ryann).

Last year, we all arrived with our country boots, an ice chest, and a tent.  So this year we came a little more prepared with an EASY UP for the crazy July heat.  Luckily we had 4 Easy Ups total so we had plenty of shade.

At the end of the night, Kimmy and I made friends with the guys at the KBUL tent trying to get free stuff.  Yes, we were those girls.  BUT we walked away with free tickets to the Knitting Factory show, some CD's, chapstick, and most importantly: MEET AND GREETS!!  Unfortunately, we missed the memo that we were supposed to arrive before 5pm to receive our meet and greets so we forfeited them.  Sad mittens, I know.

I also ran into my favorite ginger, it was so glad to get my dance on with her :-)  One of the booths this year had STRAWBERRY margaritas and they were amazing!  So delicious, probably the best selling item all night (at least according to my wallet).

The next day we went to the pool in Yerington.  The heat is unbearable so it's the best bet there is because we can get ready in the bathrooms before the show.  A lot of the kids our age go to the river and get trashed, but we were ready for some relaxing pool time with children and old men.  After we got ready we prepared for Night #2!  We again put on our dancing boots.

After the concert, Marie and I wandered around the camps for a bit.  I wish I would have gotten a picture because it's hard to describe the campsite area.  Basically, it's rows and rows of RVs and tents, and at night time it's one massive party!  You walk around the area, run into old friends, and conveniently make new friends.  It's a ton of fun!  This isn't something I would typically do... I've always stayed away from the party scene, but there's something so summer-y and country about camping in a field with country music blaring everywhere!!

So the second night Marie, Brett, and I were walking around and dancing at one of the campsites (there were probably 50 people dancing there) and Marie yells "I lost my phone!!"  So here we are, the three of us looking for her phone in a massive field of DUST with too many people around.  I'm creepily feeling around everyone's dancing feet... I think everyone was thinking I was crazy.  I even got one boy to lend me his massive mag-light so I could at least SEE something.  We checked the port-a-potty, we checked the truck, we checked everywhere and Marie finally found her phone!! .... in her pocket.  We took a photo for giggles.
Oh, hello phone.

That was my wonderful weekend in Yerington, NV :-)

P.S. I lost my ID :-(  If anyone finds an ID of a little redhead named Ashley Cray, I'd like it back please ok thanks.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Today is my Friday

Granny's service last night was wonderful.  I met MANY Theta sisters from several generations.  I met 3 past Presidents as well.  It was nice to see so many people show up for her "party."  My mom did a wonderful job of planning, and now we have Lemon Picata Chicken leftovers to feed us for the next few months.

I have tomorrow off of work because I am going to A NIGHT IN THE COUNTRY!  It's one of the best times I've ever had.  I get to put on my cowboy boots and dance the night away with wonderful friends.  Who could ask for more?  I will be posting several photos as soon as the weekend is over! 

No new news on the house.  I am still waiting for someone to turn on the water so I can start watering my (dead) lawn.  Everything in the house was "winterized" and I don't know the first thing about summer-izing it.  I want to get my lawn lush and beautiful!

Now time to go start packing for my exciting weekend filled with cowboy boots, country music, camping, and wonderful friends!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Too Open?

It's no secret, I'd tell my life to a stranger if he'd take the time to listen.

I talk too much sometimes, and reveal too much information, but now I'm wondering if it's a bad thing or not.  I have friends who tell me everything, almost too much sometimes, but those are the friends I am closest with because they're opening up to me. Telling me who they are.  They tell me things that lets me get to know them just-that-much-more.  In sorority terms, it's a "bonding session."

I have friends who keep secrets as well.  They never get too in depth with their life, and I only really know them on the surface.  That is quite alright as well, but at what point do you deserve to learn a little more about a person?

I hatehatehatehate it when people say, "I can't tell you, it's a secret."  Well SECRETS DON'T MAKE FRIENDS.  What I hate even more is if someone I feel truly close to and connected with says that to me.  If you love someone, why do you want to keep secrets?  Can't you tell them anything? 

I have a hard time sometimes understanding other peoples perspectives unless I've experienced it myself.  I asked a friend about this, and my friend said "People are fragile and scared to get hurt." 

So is it just a game?  Or are you really  scared to get hurt?  Last time I checked I'm super fragile with a low pain tolerance, and I'm not scared to put myself out there.  So why keep things from me for the purpose of simply keeping things from me.  For the purpose of simply having a secret of your own.  If it's really a true deep secret, you wouldn't even allude to it.  "Well there was this one time, but I can't tell you because the rest is a secret."

It drives me insane.  And the more I think about it, the more offended I get.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Summer Weekend

*Updated* I've had a fairly productive weekend catching up with friends!

Friday I met up with some old friends from high school.  We haven't really hung out since high school so it was good getting together again.  We went the "The Beach" which is the club at the Grand Sierra.  It was lame.  But the dancing was fun and regardless of how busy/slow a place is, if you're with fun people that's all that matters.  While we were there we ran into some old high school boys too so it was like a massive high school reunion.  Learn to love it!

Saturday was AWESOME.  I met with an architect about my house and what we plan to do with it and I CAN'T WAIT.  I have decided to turn the top into a 1 bedroom "unit" and the bottom into a studio apartment.  Who knows when it'll all be complete, but I loved the ideas that the architect had and my buyers remorse is slowly dwindling.  After that we went to lunch, and I came back to get ready for the SUGARLAND concert!  Lina and I had kickass seats.  There's no other way to describe our seats.
5th row
Directly in the middle
Dance central
We sang so loud and danced our little booties off.  After the concert in Tahoe we decided to go back to Reno and hit up Brew Bros because we weren't nearly done dancing.  The band at Brew Brothers was great... they played my favorite "Crazy Bitch" song so now they're on my good list :-)  We stayed until about 3:30am and then finally headed home.

I don't think my feet can handle high heels for a good month after Friday/Saturday dancing.

Tuesday I am having dinner/picnic with my lovely Ginger Jenn.  Time to catch up on LIFE and DRAMA and GOSSIP.
Wednesday I am having dinner after work with Robin :-)  I love me some Robin.

Dear friends - I love you all dearly.

Did I mention my feet hurt?

Friday, July 02, 2010

25 Things

(I stole this from Anne)
  1. I’m sensitive.  I take things to heart.  I can’t change it even though I’ve tried so hard to
  2. I have freckles on my lips, I think it makes me unique.
  3. I hate being labeled.  Even though I am girly, I don’t like when people create limits to what I can do.  If you say I can’t I’ll be the first to try to prove you wrong.  Even though I was in a sorority, it doesn’t mean I have no substance.  Please don’t label me until you get to know me.
  4. I lovelovelovelovelove to Volunteer.  I love to help others.  My heart hurts when I see struggling people or animals.  I want dearly to clean the birds from the oil spill (but unfortunately you have to own a hazmat suit).  I get teary-eyed when I see the SPCA commercials.  I cringe when I hear people say the word “retard.” 
  5. I don’t like mushy food.  Mashed potatoes, yogurt (unless it has granola), oatmeal, etc.  I don’t care how tasty it is, I can’t handle the texture.
  6. I have no filter, especially around those I’m very comfortable around.  It may be inappropriate, and I apologize if I’ve offended anyone.
  7. I don’t like coffee, and I don’t think I ever will.
  8. When considering actions and consequences, I live by the rule, “If you’d be ashamed to tell your grandma, don’t do it.”  I like to think my grandma would be proud of the things I do, not ashamed.
  9. I love lakes
  10. I wish I were more organized. 
  11. I want a pet chipmunk
  12. I love the oh-my-gosh-I-think-I-may-pee-my-pants type of laughing the most.
  13. My main goal in life is to be in a country music video.  Ambitious, I know.
  14. I found out recently that my friends think I’ll be the one to have 10 crazy little Ashley’s running around.  I think it’s funny and I LOVE that they think that of me!
  15. If I could live in the life of anyone for a day, I’d be a stripper or Russian Spy (…preferably the redhead Anna Chapman).
  16. I’ve wanted to help build an orphanage (or simply volunteer) in Africa since middle school.  It’s true.  Ask my mom.
  17. My nails are always uneven.  My pedicure is usually chipped.  I’m girly in an un-girly sort of way. 
  18. I have cankles.  Don’t judge.
  19. I have 2 beautiful little brothers (Keenan and fellow-redhead-Nathan), an older brother Matt, and an older sister Tara.  I also have a step-brother Bryce, and step-sister Jen. 
  20. I bought a house… and I’m having buyer’s remorse.  Can I give it back now?
  21. I feel lucky to have had my heart broken once, and to have used that experience to hopefully prevent another heartbreak with a wonderful boy.
  22. I never drank in high school.  Not once.  I was very na├»ve and thought alcohol was mean and scary.  Not to mention illegal and I’d probably get caught and grounded or arrested and put in prison with men who tried to taint me with their mean scary tattoos and bad breath.  I’ve learned a lot since then.
  23. I’m goofy, weird, rambunctious at times, and I show my emotions more than I’d like.
  24. In the sun my eyes almost turn green.
  25. I’m very shy at first and easily embarrassed.