Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Wedding Nightmares!

Background Story


When I was a high school senior, the cool thing was to have a graduation party.  My friends and I all coordinated our graduation parties so that none of them would overlap and we could go to each party.  My friends all had their parties and mine was last.  It was up at the beach at my dad's cabin and I couldn't wait!  The morning of the party was pleasant - a warm June day.  
This slowly turned into a little breezy
Which turned into a lot breezy
Which turned into a complete thunderstorm

Needless to say, NONE of my friends showed up.  Not only did they not show up, but they didn't even call to say they wouldn't come.  I had two guests - which I am thankful for! - but we planned on a much larger turnout.  

Joke was on me.


To this day, I have not had another party.  I am terrified I'll have my friends RSVP then play a practical joke and not show up.  My mom had to surprise me with a 21st birthday party with family because I refused to have one.  College graduation parties?  Out of the question!  I refuse to ever plan any other birthday party or event, because I remember how crushed I felt the day of my graduation party when not a single person showed up who said they would.

So for the past 9 years I have not hosted a single event for myself.  Until now - my wedding.

And you can imagine how terrified I am that no one will show up.  I'll go through a ton of effort and get my hopes up, just to be left at the altar by myself.

Since October-ish, this is what my dreams have consisted of.  Almost every night I have dreams where:
  • I forgot to send out invites
  • The flowers didn't show
  • My guests didn't show
  • My bridesmaids forgot to come
  • No one booked the band
  • I lost my dress
  • Etc etc etc

After posting this on Facebook, I quickly found out I'm not alone!  I thought it was my FEAR of parties, but turns out I'm not the only one who has these nightmares!

I think whenever anyone pours their time, money, and emotions into an event we want it to be as perfect as possible, so it's common to worry about the "what-if's" of the world.  But goodness if these nasty little "what-if's" could leave me and my dreams alone, I'd greatly appreciate it :-)

Does anyone else have wedding nightmares?!
Love Always, Nancy J

Friday, April 04, 2014

Mom Update

Wow - I cannot believe the amount of support our family has received these past couple of weeks.  What's even more impressive is the amount of people that truly care for my mom and are sending their positive thoughts and prayers!!  You can find the story here about my moms accident.

Mom has had two good days (in a row!) which is SUCH a relief!  Now that she had her tracheotomy she seems more comfortable and able to relax.  My brother even posted a picture with her now that he's helping her read her new Book Club book.  She may hate me for posting this on my bloggy, but I'll deal with that later ;-)  

It's hopeful that mom will eventually walk again, however she has a long road to recovery and we are focused on getting her body healthy and happy so we can start the rehabilitation process.

Caring Bridge

For more updates on mom, please visit her caringbridge site at:

There you will be able to post guestbook comments (that she LOVES!) and get more up-to-date updates on her status.

Meal Train

And for Reno folk, to help with a meal train for John while he spends his time in the hospital with my mom, please visit the below link:

Thank you all for caring so much!!!