Friday, April 04, 2014

Mom Update

Wow - I cannot believe the amount of support our family has received these past couple of weeks.  What's even more impressive is the amount of people that truly care for my mom and are sending their positive thoughts and prayers!!  You can find the story here about my moms accident.

Mom has had two good days (in a row!) which is SUCH a relief!  Now that she had her tracheotomy she seems more comfortable and able to relax.  My brother even posted a picture with her now that he's helping her read her new Book Club book.  She may hate me for posting this on my bloggy, but I'll deal with that later ;-)  

It's hopeful that mom will eventually walk again, however she has a long road to recovery and we are focused on getting her body healthy and happy so we can start the rehabilitation process.

Caring Bridge

For more updates on mom, please visit her caringbridge site at:

There you will be able to post guestbook comments (that she LOVES!) and get more up-to-date updates on her status.

Meal Train

And for Reno folk, to help with a meal train for John while he spends his time in the hospital with my mom, please visit the below link:

Thank you all for caring so much!!!



  1. my fingers are crossed for a strong recovery :)

  2. praying for a strong recovery and comfort for your family!

  3. Please let your Mom know that she has prayers coming from an entire community! I know your parents from years on the trails...I always enjoy seeing them in races and runs over the past 20 plus years!
    She is a beautiful and strong woman and I have no doubt that she will recover from this and be back on the trails she loves in no time.
    Take care
    Suzie Lister

  4. Each day she will get stronger. Hang in there, dear!

  5. Praying without ceasing for you all. Xx

  6. Glad you guys can be there to keep her spirits up! <3 She will stay in my thoughts and prayers!

  7. I don't know you or your mom - but I am an ultrarunner from Foresthill and have seen her story float around on FB. I am so sorry to hear about this awful incident. Your mother certainly didn't deserve to have her life changed so drastically. It appears that you and your family are supporting her and taking care of her while she heals. I am keeping YOU ALL in my thoughts and prayers as I am sure this is difficult for all of you. I hope her recovery goes as smooth as possible. Take care of yourselves and take care of that mamma of yours.

  8. I love your mom's beautiful eyes and smile! And working on a book for Book Club. Yea, good days!
    Keeping you in our prayers.
    Much love to you and your family!

  9. I left a message in her guestbook on Caring Bridge! :D

  10. Keeping your family in my prayers!

  11. I'm so sorry that your poor mom is having to go through this. Praise God that she is alive, and that she is progressing and getting better! I will keep your mom in my prayers! Please keep us all updated on her progress.


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