Saturday, April 23, 2011

Climbing in a dress

Aaron and I went to a beautiful wedding in YOSEMITE!  After the wedding, Aaron and I couldn't stay for the reception.  Reception at 6pm in Yosemite makes for a long drive home and work the next morning.  So after the wedding we drove home.

Or so I thought.

Leave it to Aaron to pull over on the side of the road and start putting on gear.

Me:  Aaron I'm in a DRESS!
Aaron:  So?  Put on your harness!
Me:  I CAN'T!  My lady-parts will show.
Aaron:  So?

So we went climbing
I threw on hiking shoes
And pants
And looked like a gem I'm sure

Baking - Cake Balls and Christmas Cookies

So for a while Aaron and I have been making cake balls because I'm addicted to all things sweet/cake/cookies etc.

I'm very anal about my cake balls.  I like them to be perfect.  And round.  And proportionate.

Aaron on the other hand likes to make squares, and gigantic balls (no dirty jokes please!) and "The Matterhorn."

Needless to say - I dominate the baking and cake balls.  I may or may not have ACCIDENTALLY used all of the chocolate.  And Aaron may or may not have been stuck with a bowl full of chocolate remains to finish his cake balls.


Sorry lubber.

Then Aaron and I (during Christmas - sorry these are old) decided we also needed to make Christmas cookies.  Actually - I wanted to make Christmas cookies and Aaron joined along. 

They look like a kindergarten school project.  But mine are perfect.  Aaron's are.... special.