Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Darling Updates

So before I start, you may notice I've added "watermarks" to my photos below.

Sad face - guess who got catfished

A catfish is someone who pretends to be someone they're not using Facebook or other social media to create false identities, particularly to pursue deceptive online romances.

So basically, someone took a picture from my bloggy, and claimed that it was her and her boyfriend "Logan."  
She was also a model.

Anyhow - with that being said, I'm going to make more of an effort to watermark my pictures.  We'll see how long this lasts :-)

And ON to more fun things!
This piece of heaven
This is the hydroflask 
...and it was sent from heaven (aka REI)
It claims to keep hot beverages hot for 12 hours
And cold beverages cold for 24 hours 
And the claims are oh-so-true

I LOVE cold water.  
Cold drinks.  
There's no such thing as too much ice.
I filled my Hydroflask with ice water at 8:30am, and by 8;30pm there WAS STILL ICE

Mind blown.
 Now all I need to do is score this pink Hydroflask and I'm set.

And moving on!
Have any of you been to the paint nights?
You drink wine and learn to paint on canvas.
For work we had a team event where we painted the St. Johns bridge
It was a blast
If you haven't done this yet you'll definitely need to!

And with that, I'm done with my incredibly random post about cold water and pretty paintings.


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

10 Things

Ever been offered a free pair of uggs?

... me either.  But my girl Katelynn's fiance may or may not be required to buy her some Uggs if she reaches 100 followers.    She's so close!  Give a sister some bloglovin' love :-)

And with that, Katelynn has also tagged me to detail 10 things I'm thankful for.  Definitely a must for this time of year :-) With that being said, below are some things I'm loving these days:

1.  Rice Cooker

Yup - We received a rice cooker for the wedding and I never realized I would fall in love with a kitchen tool.  But alas!  This bad boy makes cooking rice easy and quick and is my new kitchen favorite :-)

2. Fall TV Shows

Revenge, Nashville, Law and Order, Grimm, How To Get  Away With Murder, Chicago Fire.... I've got problems, let's be honest.

3.  Employment

I'm sure I take my job for granted, but this is my friendly reminder to myself to be thankful for being employed.  If we've texted/chatted in the past couple of months, I may or may not have complained about feeling swamped and overwhelmed at work #FirstWorldProblems #MeGeneration  Sometimes I need to remember to man up and smell the flowers.

4.  My Honey - The Po-Po

For those who have a significant other in Law Enforcement, you'll know it's not easy.  They work spastic long hours for a not-so-glamorous job.  Portland had incredibly low temperatures and high winds this past week, and while I was cuddled up cozy in bed, my hubs was patrolling the streets (which were pretty empty due to said wind/temperature).  I could go on and on about his job and the things he has to put up with, but I'll save that for another time :-)

5.  Dilly Bars

Cherry dilly bars, to be specific.

6.  Kick Ass Wedding Photographers

Having a great wedding photographer is a plus.
Having two awesome wedding photographers who wake up at the butt-crack-of-dawn the morning after the wedding to do sunrise photos - priceless.
If you're in the Northern Washington area and need some wonderful photographers check out Evantide Photography (shameless plug).

7.  Bluetooth Earpiece

Another thing I tend to whine about is my commute, which tends to be upwards of 1.25 hours one way.  This bad boy lets me get all of my calls in on my way home from work.  Now if we could only work on the car sickness...

8. Library Membership

What am I .... 80?!  I've been hearing of people having library cards and I want to kindly remind them that we live in 2014 with Google and Hulu.
... Until I joined the library.  Seriously you guys - you have no idea what you're missing out on.  Unlimited audiobooks (for the commute in #7 above), passes to the Japanese Gardens and other local attractions, free DVDs, Books, etc.
Call me 80 but I'm loving my local libraries.

9.  Mom's Recovery

Remember this post where I blogged about my mom's freak accident?  My tiny little mom is recovering nicely.  She is walking/trotting, and working on using her hands/arms again.  It's nothing short of a miracle and hours on top of hours of hard work.  xoxox

10.  My Amazing Wedding

I'm seriously still on cloud 9 from our amazing wedding (posts coming soon!).  I am so incredibly thankful to have my family and friends who all helped make the day perfect (since I just HAD to have a DIY-labor-intensive wedding).  I think families should have weddings every year, because it was the best excuse to see people you haven't seen in a while and spend the weekend reconnecting with loved ones.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Blogger Seeking Blogger Help

This girl's bloggy needs a makeover.  

Like scraggly-teenager-who-just-got-her-braces-off makeover.
Like Kylie-Jenner's-new-lips makeover.

With that being said, where did you get your bloggy design?

I've made a couple of attempts at doing it myself
but alas
I think I should leave it to the pros.

If you have someone you'd recommend send me a message pleaseee!  Help a sister out.

And with that!  I leave you with this photo of what I'll be doing this weekend.