Friday, November 14, 2014

Blogger Seeking Blogger Help

This girl's bloggy needs a makeover.  

Like scraggly-teenager-who-just-got-her-braces-off makeover.
Like Kylie-Jenner's-new-lips makeover.

With that being said, where did you get your bloggy design?

I've made a couple of attempts at doing it myself
but alas
I think I should leave it to the pros.

If you have someone you'd recommend send me a message pleaseee!  Help a sister out.

And with that!  I leave you with this photo of what I'll be doing this weekend.


  1. Hi chica!

    I got mine done by

    I am seriously IN LOVE with her designs. She has several pre-made ones (which I bought), or she also has the option to completely customize your own! I highly, highly recommend!! :)

    Have a fun weekend partying (and by that I mean taking naps) ;)

  2. Hey lady!! You should use Caitlin ( great to work with, great prices and super fast at getting it done!!!

  3. check out kailyn marie designs she did mine!

  4. Same as Brooke!! ( <3 good luck!

  5. I'm biased but I think Jennifer from Munchkinland Designs does an awesome job =)

  6. I found mine on Etsy! CakeDesigns but I just checked out the page yesterday & she is taking a hiatus on orders :(

  7. I'm thinking the same! Mine is so BLAH

  8. My blog design is pretty haphazard! I change the background on a seasonal basis! If you are talking about changing the background design, you just go to the template tab next to the name of your blog on your blogger dashboard, go to "customize," and go to "background." Then you can choose one, or upload one of your own. I find backgrounds by Googling "Wallpaper" or "Backgrounds" with the topic I want, like "Halloween background" or "HAlloween wallpaper." You can also change the fonts and colors and stuff there in the "advanced" section.
    Sorry if you already knew all this! I'm Captain Obvious sometimes!

  9. My girl doesn't do blog make overs anymore :( Hope you find someone you love!
    Hope you had the best weekend full of lots and LOTS of naps ;)


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