Sunday, July 11, 2010

Summer Weekend

*Updated* I've had a fairly productive weekend catching up with friends!

Friday I met up with some old friends from high school.  We haven't really hung out since high school so it was good getting together again.  We went the "The Beach" which is the club at the Grand Sierra.  It was lame.  But the dancing was fun and regardless of how busy/slow a place is, if you're with fun people that's all that matters.  While we were there we ran into some old high school boys too so it was like a massive high school reunion.  Learn to love it!

Saturday was AWESOME.  I met with an architect about my house and what we plan to do with it and I CAN'T WAIT.  I have decided to turn the top into a 1 bedroom "unit" and the bottom into a studio apartment.  Who knows when it'll all be complete, but I loved the ideas that the architect had and my buyers remorse is slowly dwindling.  After that we went to lunch, and I came back to get ready for the SUGARLAND concert!  Lina and I had kickass seats.  There's no other way to describe our seats.
5th row
Directly in the middle
Dance central
We sang so loud and danced our little booties off.  After the concert in Tahoe we decided to go back to Reno and hit up Brew Bros because we weren't nearly done dancing.  The band at Brew Brothers was great... they played my favorite "Crazy Bitch" song so now they're on my good list :-)  We stayed until about 3:30am and then finally headed home.

I don't think my feet can handle high heels for a good month after Friday/Saturday dancing.

Tuesday I am having dinner/picnic with my lovely Ginger Jenn.  Time to catch up on LIFE and DRAMA and GOSSIP.
Wednesday I am having dinner after work with Robin :-)  I love me some Robin.

Dear friends - I love you all dearly.

Did I mention my feet hurt?

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