Saturday, May 01, 2010

The Glass House

Pictures to come  later...

I'm at my dad's beach condo i n San Diego.  "Beach Condo" usually consists of a condo 3 blocks from the beach, but close enough to call it a beach house.

NO WAY!!  This place is a glass house on the BEACH!!!

An elevator to the room
A TV that comes down from the ceiling
A button you push to make the blinds come from the ceiling
Every wall (even the bathroom) is a class wall

It's a glass house no doubt. 

The condo I  stayed in last night (next door) is a 2 million dollar glass house.  Can you believe it!!?  This place is spectacular.   There is top of the line technology in this home.  The shower is a steam shower.  My dad  paid $15,000 for the time he is staying here!!!!!!! 

I may never have this opportunity again, so I am taking full advantage.

OH!  I forgot!  Free beach  cruisers.  Mine is pink :-)

I hope my new blog layout is cute, I worked long and  hard on it, but it's all MINE and I made it all by myself!

That's all  she wrote :-)


  1. i love your layout and the beach condo sounds ah-mazing! have a great time little one!

  2. I am so jealous right now, I wish you could see where I'm sleeping currently haha tarp, pine needles, sleeping bag and all. Love the layout you html stud. Come home to me now please?


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