Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Friday and Valentines Day!

While I'd love to say my main squeeze and I have some hot plans for tonight, we don't.  It's not about the plans, it's not about the flowers, it's a lovely February Day to remind us to say, "I Love You" to those we care about.

... it's also an excuse to eat tons of chocolate and candy hearts and get through your Friday with a sugar high...

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  1. totally agree- best way to spend it in my opinion! happy valentine's day!

  2. happy valentine's day :)

  3. :) enjoy eating lots of chocolates and enjoying some downtime with your man! the best Xx.

  4. Happy Valentine's Weekend, you two!

  5. A sugar high once in a while can be a good thing! :P

  6. Have I mentioned lately how CUTE you two are?!


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