Thursday, January 03, 2013

Boyfriend Brownie Points

I'm convinced my boyfriend is possibly the world's sweetest boyfriend.

Keep in mind only four short years ago this was the same boy when asked,

"How was your day - what did you do?"

He'd respond with:
Then mutter something about not having to tell me what he did if he didn't want to.

I could go on with how far boyfriend has come as far as opening up, realizing there's more than 1 person in a relationship, and thinking of others.

Big steps, kids, big steps.

Last night was a little reminder of how far he has come.  See, I typically do 95% of the grocery shopping and cooking.  It makes me happy knowing boyfriend is happy.  And he's always so grateful letting me know how much he likes my food (even if it's icky).

But last night I arrived home to a home-cooked DINNER.  Boyfriend cooked up steak, sweet potatoes, and a mushroom/bell-pepper-sauteed piece of heaven.

It absolutely made my day.

...And to top it off he made me my favorite egg-breakfast-taco for me for breakfast also!

Either someone is trying to butter me up, or I just have the world's sweetest man-friend.


  1. aw, what a guy! its always such a treat to have dinner cooked for you once in a while :)

  2. Aw how sweet! That would completely make my day too!

  3. Aww way to go boyfriend can he maybe talk to M lol

  4. What a sweet guy!
    You'll have to share a recipe for that breakfast taco. It sounds delish!


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