Thursday, January 10, 2013

My girls!

For part of my Christmas vacay, I went to my dad's house up at Serene Lakes.  It was amazing the entire time because it didn't stop snowing.  Not even once.


However my favorite part about Christmas at dads is the girl time.  Sorry dad, love you too, but I love me some girl time.

Between my Aunt and my cousins, I get plenty of chatting in.  With pre-teen cousins, this year was all about Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, and other "hunky" prepubescent boys.

I adore my little cousins and I'll let them "style" my hair ANY DAY!

This is an older one, but I love it

...And can we talk about how my 12 year old cousin has the same size feet as me (keep your eyes off my cankles)??!


  1. wow, that's a heck of a lotta snow! It's so pretty! I wouldn't wanna be the one out there shovelling though. :D
    family time is the best!!

  2. wow, what a gorgeous house! looks like you girls had a ton of fun!! xo

  3. looks like such a fun time!!! your cousins are too cute

  4. The snow is so pretty


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