Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Better late than never

So I finally got a chance to watch The Bachelor: SEAN LOWE! 
Since we don't have cable, I watch my shows via Hulu which air the following day.
When did I become such a Bachelor junkie? 
Theta did this to me.
Anyhow, I fell in love with Sean on Emily's season.
Let me show you. 
Let me just show you.

In fact, when I uploaded this picture google proceeded to ask me to tag each person and to confirm,
"Is this the same person?" based on facial recognition.
And I know I'm not the only person that feels this way. I got numerous texts on the Season Premier saying, "Have you ever seen the Bachelor... because Sean Lowe looks like..."
I'm sure everyone is tired of hearing blogger recaps - I know I sure am
However I wanted to put in my two cents about a certain individual
Lindsay Yenter
This girl went to UNR so I was so excited to see the show and watch a fellow UNR alum!  I was a little embarrassed, for her, based on her one-on-one time.  "Kiss me baby gimme a kiss."  It's one of those times you shake your head and think "There's no way he's picking her." 
LO AND BEHOLD Sean Lowe is forgiving. 
And I'm pretty positive she makes it fairly far in the show! (I'm convinced one of the "I love you"'s came from her voice - you can't miss it)
FACT: You apparently can recover from first impression disasters!


  1. I finally watched last night too. Oh my goodness this season is going to be ridiculous...I think that's why I enjoy watching it so much haha
    And they do look so much a like!

  2. Ok, everyone is talking about the bachelor. I never watch it usually, but I might have to tune in this year!!

  3. Lindsay is my Tri Delta sister!! She's the pledge class below me but we had the same major...and apparently we have the same job. I was a little surprised by, but I knew she would say something silly; in fact I was counting on it, lol. I agree that she gets pretty far on the show too, but the girl with one arm (damn I can't remember her name, I think it's Sara...?) her voice sounds a little like Lindsay's too.

  4. Ok so confession, I couldn't stand watching Emily as the bachelorette. I think I watched maybe an episode or two towards then end and I remember Sean being such a hottie!! These girls are luuuuucky that he's the bachelor!!

    I was a little shocked that Sean kept Lindsay on after her little performance but I guess it'll make things interesting. At least Fifty Shades girl is gone!! :)

  5. This chick DOES go far according to the "this season on the bachelor" clips - she must make the best comeback in Bachelor history after that train wreck of night 1!! Good for her lol

  6. The kiss was so awkward lol

  7. Woah, they do look alike! How funny!

    I felt SO bad for her! You have to be careful with those first impressions...but I'm happy Sean was forgiving.


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