Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Letters #6

1. Dear Car - I don't appreciate the check engine light, and I sure hope cousin Steven is right that all I needed was an oil change!  And not a head gasket (which is $2,600 by the way!!).  I think the mechanic saw me coming like a deer in the head lights.

2.  Dear WAHing (Working at Home) - It's harder than it sounds!  HELLO DISTRACTIONS!  Fridge full of food.  Puppies that way to be played with.  Laundry that needs to be done.  Focus Ashley, Focus.  Good thing it was only for two days.  I'm happy to be back in the office today.

3.  Dear Broccoli From Last Night - my stomach STILL hurts and it's the day after.  What gives?!

4.  Dear Leftovers for Lunch Today (Broccoli) - I'm screwed

5.  Dear Pollyanna - You're the worlds cutest dog.

Sorry it's kind of blurry!




  1. Yummy to some left over delicious broccoli (ewww) lol and your dog is seriously the cutest. Even though she does look a bit scared in this pic! hahha. Have an amazing weekend babeee <3

  2. Anonymous8:38 AM

    holy pollyana, she is so cute! i want to work at home, i'm jealous (even if you are constantly in the fridge..i know I would be.)

  3. i love working from home. but yes it is distracting, especially when my dog is around!

  4. You are so lucky that you get to work at home! But yes, I can see how it could be quite distracting. Sometimes things like Pinterest and reality shows just call your name! ;)


  5. omg i wish i could work from home! good for you :) I'm so happy i found your blog through the blog hop:) cant wait to read more! xo

  6. Your dog is freaking adorable.
    Found your blog through the link up, look forward to following you.


  7. I don't think I could ever work at home, not that it would make sense for a school counselor to work from home...

  8. Hi, found you at Friday's Letters. And yes, a fridge full of food and a cute puppy is really a distraction. ;)


  9. Oh no not food poisining? Thats the worst! I hope you feel better soon x

  10. Cutest dog for sure! Feel better


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