Tuesday, January 22, 2013


As if I don't reveal enough about myself on my little bloggy, here's some more information so that I can link up with Whitney.

1.  Balloons freak me out - I'm terrified they'll pop and shards of balloon will fly in my eye and make me blind. 

2.  I was once sick for two years straight - practically.  In college I had no immune system.  I was convinced something greater was wrong with me.  Like lupus.  Or something.  Turns out I was just stressed constantly and had the diet of a frat boy (dino nuggets, fast food, potstickers, etc).  I never gained weight so I used that as an excuse to eat whatever, and while it wasn't affecting my weight it sure-as-heck affected my health.

3.  My going-out name is Olivia - yup, I'm that girl who gives a fake name to the creepers trolling for a little lovin.  If you're not a creeper, you get my real name.  But when I get the "I've got a van out back and I'm ready to throw you in it" vibe, you get the "Hi I'm Olivia and I was just leaving" line. 

Story behind this: I got this from my best friend Lina.  We were out minding our own business, dancing with each other when we are approached (keep in mind, we're in a frat house).  After these gentlemen wouldn't leave and insisted on getting our names/information Lina says without missing a beat, "My name is Samantha but my friends call me Sam."  Straight face.  Dead serious.  So I later chose Olivia, and our names stuck.  Every now and then she comes up with a new name, but it's our understanding that we go out as Olivia and Sam.  Not Ashley and Lina. 

4. Same ring, different grandma - When my Grammy passed away my Aunt let me pick out any jewelry of hers that I wanted.  I chose her ring from Greece.  I decided I've always wanted to visit Greece after my Grammy visited and told me stories and shared pictures.  I still want to go.  And if you ask me why I want to visit my answer will be, "I just do."  But the real answer is, "Because my Grammy went and fell in love with it."

It's hard to tell in the picture
Fast forward, and when my Granny passed away my mom did the same thing: Showed me her jewelry and let me pick out anything that fancied my interest. 

Enter: Greek ring. 

Now this one has a different meaning because my Granny was also a Theta, so we share that "Greek" bond with each other.
The significance?  These rings have the same pattern.  And I love them both.

5.  I love fishing.  Lovelovelovelove!  I'm girly so most people think I would complain about fishing, but I'll be the first to throw my hands over the fish  and pull the hook out.  Gutting it is a different story, but I can do that if I have to.  Once my cousin and I went fishing with my dad, brother, and brother's friends.  I'll give you one guess at who caught all of the fish: the little girls.  While the boys were busy being roudy and obnoxious, Sam and I quietly sat in our chairs.  Chatting the entire time.  And every so often reeling in a new bite.  One after the other after the other.  BOOM.  Girls rule boys drool.

6.  I have kidney stones and pass them roughly every 6 months.  Which means I'm due in March for an ER visit.


  1. Due in March for a ER visit? That makes me so sadddd!!
    Also, you are absolutely STUNNING!!!
    Also also, my going out name is Britney. Clearly I need to get more creative! ;)

  2. Stopping by from the linkup! I work at a hospital, and we get many patients with kidney stones. Although I've never had one, I hear they are painful, so I hope they aren't too bad for you.

  3. Anonymous8:27 PM

    I love the fake name - I'll have to try that!!

    1. It's actually fun and some guys have learned to ask for ID to prove it, but those tend to be the creepers. The hardest part is coming up with a believable name!

  4. LOL love the Olivia part.
    I'm sorry about the kidney stones. I know people who deal with that, it's not easy.

  5. My going out name was Kate, and my friend Becky was Jenny a hand model from Canada.

  6. I love the rings. Lets go to Greece

  7. Oh man, I can relate on the eating unhealthy in college (can't we all?)

    It didn't help that my college dining hall had pizza hut, taco bell, chik fil a and coldstone creamery all on the meal plan. YIKES!

    I'm excited to follow your blog!

  8. I love making up names when going out! It's the best. And the rings are gorgeous!

  9. I heard kidney stones are extremely painful. Sorry to hear about that! I really like your blog by the way.


  10. this is so cuuute! love these little factoids :)

    following now!

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