Monday, January 14, 2013

Tell me you love me!!

First off, does anyone else have a ton of "blog drafts" but never publish them because you haven't uploaded the pictures yet?  Yes?  No?  Just me?

I used to be so good about uploading pictures.
Then my macbook died. 
And I'm too cheap to buy a new one.
$1000 for a computer when I'm not in school anymore just isn't justifiable.

Anyhow, on to more important things.

Like my boyfriend and his video games.

He's in love with Halo.  I wish I could play it with him but those controllers have a million buttons and joysticks that I find myself spinning in circles pointing at the ground.  Party foul!

So one of the "cool things" about Halo is you can talk to people on the other side.  I don't say anything because I talk to my bloggy people like they're my bffs. 
So he can have Halo bffs.

No big deal.

So he uses this little ear piece, and as he plays I randomly shout

Just so he knows I love him
Because I do

I started to notice he would pause and put his hand to his ear
Then with a delayed response he'd say, "Love you too baby!"

Then it hit me.  He didn't want his Halo-bros to hear him shout his mushy-gushy-comments back!

So I went on a mission
A mission to get him to declare his love to me without turning his earphone on mute

And tonight, my friends, I won
I shouted "I love you bo-fran!" a few dozen times
And then it happened

"Love you too."


P.S. Don't mind my bare empty walls. 
I'm getting on that. 
Next paycheck.


  1. hahaha goodness this was too funny! I'm seriously the worst at video games...can't even play Wii tennis...Boys and their toys. SMH

  2. BAAHAHAHHAHA hilarious!!! AWWW, you won. I love it :D

  3. I try to get the husband to say "I love you" on the phone when he's playing cards with all of his buddies!

  4. Haha I love that he is playing In his uni and standing lol


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