Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hurts so...good?

So because boyfriend and I are doing the Paleo diet, I've been trying to incorporate new recipes to keep the same ol' same ol' food interesting.

Enter:  Broccoli

I've never been a broc fan.  I love all other veggies: brussel sprouts, salad, carrots, spinach. 

But broccoli has never been my favorite (other than my amazing broccoli salad I make!!).

So I saw this post on Pinterest and decided I'd give broccoli a try (minus the cheese).

Now this recipe is YUMMY!  It agreed with me! 

...until 15 minutes into it and my stomach made a noise.
A grumbly noise.
And another grumbly noise.

And here I am, sitting with a grumbly stomach wondering what went wrong.  Boyfriend tells me too much broccoli can be hard on the stomach.  Good to know now.  My stomach feels like it's turning in a million different directions.

Because of broccoli?!  I'll stick to brussel sprouts :-)

And on that note - since I've been working out with my trainer and doing this darned Paleo diet, I've GAINED two pounds.


What gives?! 


  1. Haha I think this has happened to me before too with broccoli!! But I do love it! lol
    I found you on the blog hop, loving your blog :) Following you on Twitter now!
    - Marissa


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