Monday, December 31, 2012


Get skinny
Get rich
Become famous
Just kidding.  I've never made resolutions.  Why wait until January 1st to make a change?  Also, I feel like most resolutions I see floating around facebook are doomed for failure from the beginning.

"Run at least 1 mile every day"
"Tell someone I appreciate them every day"
"Create a budget and stick to it"

I don't know about you, but I can barely cook myself a meal every day.  If you feel like you can run 1 mile every day for an entire year, it's time for you to get a full time job.

I'm not going to wait until January 1st to tell people I appreciate them.  I appreciate you.

I think creating a budget and "sticking to it" is something I do on a weekly basis.  Then I see something like new AT boots that I absolutely need.  And buy them.  Then break my budget.

So long story short, I've never been a new-years-resolution creater.  I know I'll break it.  What's the point of setting myself up for failure?

This year boyfriend and I have created a "goal" to begin at the new year.  We mostly picked this time because I refused to start this goal during the holidays.  With scrumptious fatty foods and all.

This year, we are going Paleo.  Or rather, he's going Paleo and I'm being an awesome girlfriend and supporting him.  Let's be honest, boyfriend doesn't do much of the cooking. 
Or grocery shopping. 
So in order for him to be on a new diet I also need to be on board.

Goodbye pasta/toast/bread/grains
Goodbye cheese/milk/ice cream/dairy
Goodbye cookies/chocolate/that-time-of-the-month-soothers
Goodbye everything except meat, veggies, fruit, and nuts

The paleo diet is also known as the "Caveman" diet.  The main idea is to eat the way hunters and gatherers ate: Meat, Veggies, Fruits, and Nuts.

If you can't hunt it, and if you can't gather it, don't eat it.

This eliminates all grains.
This eliminates all dairy.
This eliminates Annie's Mac and Cheese and Dairy Queen cherry dilly bars.

It's a huge crossfit fad.  And because my boyfriend is loyal to his crotchfit crossfit, he felt it was time to step it up a notch and jump on board the Paleo wagon.  A lot of people speak praises about Paleo and how it has changed their life, so we will see if we like it!

Is anyone else Paleo?  Or does anyone else have a new diet resolution?

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  1. Let me know how this goes, I've never tried Paleo


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