Monday, December 31, 2012

Christma-giving Update!

My goodness I've been absent from my little bloggy for quite some time now.  I have no idea how those mega-blogger manage to continue blogging during the holidays!  Studs. 

You all are studs.
I have a million updates, and I don't even know where to start.

One massive blog post?  A million outdated mini posts?  Quick anti-climatic synopsis? 

Here's the skinny:
  • Hosted my first Thanksgiving!  My family came to Portland and helped me break in our brand new kitchen and brand new mattress.  
  • Gym Gym Gym - at some point I decided getting a personal trainer was necessary.  Actually, I didn't think it was necessary.  Boyfriend on the otherhand insisted.  Talk about developing a "does my butt look fat" complex!  But really, I've really enjoyed having my personal trainer and I'm certain he's the only reason I can still squeeze into my skinny jeans after Thanksgiving and Potlucks and Christmas.
  • I went home!  I took 4 days off work and traveled back to Reno to celebrate "Christmas" with my family!  I spent a few days with my mom and my mom's family, then spent a few days with my dad's family up in Truckee.  Then just in time for Christmas eve and Christmas I flew back to Portland to spend some time with my honey.
  • One of my amazing friends from college got engaged.  Finally.
  • I "met" my niece and nephew.

What a life.
I feel like I could write for days about my amazing past month, but I'll leave it short and sweet.

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