Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Letters #5


I've had a horrible time all week thinking it was a day/time that it really wasn't.

For example - I work with a lot of East coast clients.  When I work in their servers I'll ocassionally look down at the clock and see something like "4:00pm."  To me, this means it's almost time to go home.  In reality, this means it's 1:00pm and I'm looking at the wrong clock.

Face palm.

Anyhow - happy Friday!!

Dear Boyfriend - You're such a good friend to go in to work today at 3:00am for a co-worker who needed some sleep.  I'm not sure how you'll manage to work from 3:00am-5:00pm, but I'm so proud to be dating such a caring person.  LOVE YOU!

Dear Thanksgiving Dinner - I CAN'T WAIT!  I've got my shopping list planned.... and that's about it.  Need to clean house, clean car, clean dogs, clean more things I'm sure, shop, clean, eat, and be merry.

Dear Family Coming for Thanksgiving Dinner - Get here already.  I'm ready to show off my mean cooking skills (Store-bought pie ok?  Canned corn?  Good.)

Dear Sunny PNW Days - HALLELUJAH!  I've heard November is supposed to be one of the rainiest months in Portland, and we have been blessed with sunny cool crisp days.  Please hold out for Thanksgiving!!

Dear LA Fitness - You're not half bad.  I've actually enjoyed the gym these past couple of weeks.  That doesn't happen often.

Ok that's all I can think of - have a lovely Friday friends!  If anyone has some delicious Thanksgiving recipes they like the share I'm all ears!!


  1. I need to get all that Thanksgiving stuff done before my family gets here too. How did it sneak up soo fast?!

  2. Have so much fun hosting Thanksgiving. I'm hoping to get the chance to do that next year! :)

    I really need to join a gym- it's the only way I feel motivated to work out!!

  3. Have a great Friday!
    store-bought pie is the way I'd do it ;)

  4. oh man, if I looked at the clock and saw 4pm, for it only to really be 1pm I would probably stab myself. And I know I'd probably just continue to make the mistake....

    Good luck w/ all your recipes!

  5. I don't know how you do it! I would be dying to go home. As for hosting Thanksgiving...that's exciting! I can't wait until I can do it. Found you via Friday's Letters!

  6. Can you send Seattle some of the sunny crispness? We just have clouds now :( Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  7. When do you go to LA 6am too early!

    What a nice bf!!

  8. Aw, Thanksgiving can not come soon enough! I feel like this whole month has gone by so quickly but this week is going to slow for my liking! :)
    xo TJ

  9. Just found your blog. You are precious! Come say hello and possibly follow along. As soon as I get to 200 I have a huge give away!


  10. Thanks for stopping by my blog! :) New follower now!



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