Thursday, March 28, 2013

The time I got hit by a semi...


This morning on my way to work was a prime example of why we all loathe semi drivers.

You know when you're in the far right lane on the freeway (with no shoulder, of course) and a car starts coming into your lane?

Naturally you honk, and the car stops.

But what happens when that "car" is a semi? 

.... he doesn't stop.

Let's throw in an added "scare factor" here:
On the other side of the median was a drop off. 
I was on a bridge over a massive body of water.

Luckily I slammed my breaks fast enough to get by with just a missing rearview mirror.  Thank goodness I reacted quickly and slammed on my breaks before he could slam me into the median.  I scraped by with a missing rearview mirror.

SO, PORTLAND DRIVERS.  If you see a semi with the license plate of 85895, steer clear.  Because he's a grade A asshole (sorry for the language, but it's well deserved in this case).


  1. What did you report him? What a bastard. Glad you're ok but f that guy

  2. I'm glad you are ok! Driving next to semi's scare the crap out of me for that very reason, they are never aware of cars around them!

  3. Anonymous8:21 AM

    Eeeek how scary!! Semi trucks scare the you-know-what outta me just for this reason. I hope you or the police find the asshole!

    Think happy thoughts :) Just keep swimming.

  4. That's terrifying! I'm glad it was only the rearview mirror! I think semi trucks should have their own lane that they have to stay in that's separate from other cars-it may take them longer to get things where they need to be, but it would be so much safer!

  5. oh geez.. so glad you're okay! i'm always so scared on bridges to be in the far right lane because i'm convinced someone will hit me and i'll go over into the water and die! hopefully the police find the a*hole, but at least you're okay :)

  6. Yikes, that is scary, glad everything is ok. I have a huge fear of semis after I was hit by one years ago (same thing, crossed right over into my lane).

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog!

  7. gosh that is terrifying! glad you are okay though!

  8. ahaha glad to hear you're ok! hate that panic feeling that comes after something like that.

  9. Glad you're ok!!!!! That is scary stuff!!!
    (visiting via Wifesticated)

  10. Lol!!!! .....I'm still laughing out loud. What happened to you isn't hilarious, but your recollection is!! Glad you're ok :-)

  11. this is why I never ride along side them. It's like my biggest phobia ever!
    so glad you are okay!

  12. Yikes!!! Glad you're okay. Were you able to report him?

  13. Glad you're ok! I was rear ended by a semi in high school (my car was totaled but I was ok) and it is still one of the scariest memories. But on a bridge...10 times worse.

  14. OH MY glad that you're okay!

  15. I get the worst anxiety when driving next to a semi truck! Ahh it's always so scary. What a jerk!


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