Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Bulb Urge

I'm not sure what has gotten into me, but I have this urge to plant flowers.

Not just any flowers.

and Ranunculus


My mom was in town and we went to home depot where I found bulbs.  Dahlia bulbs


So I bought.  
And planted.  
Then two weeks later Polly ate them.  All of them.  That whore bad dog.

Moving on. 
So we were driving home from the Tulip Festival and passed something called, "Swan Island Dahlias."

Well, that's a no-brainer. 
We went. 
We conquered.
Tempest from Swan Island.  You bet your booty this will be in my garden this summer!
So homeward bound with even more Dahlia bulbs.

THEN while googling Dahlias and how to be the best Dahlia-bulb-planter and thrive in my new obsession, I found RANUNCULUS.

And these are to die for. 
They're beautiful. 
Really just lovely.

... so then I bought some. 
Because naturally my Dahlia bulbs had to have some Ranunculus bulb friends as well.

The bad part is Dahlias can't be planted until the end of April.  So the more I wait, the more inpatient I get, and the more I google new flowers, and the more I want to buy!!

I already have no idea where I'm planting all of these sun-dwelling flowers.  So I'm not sure what I'm going to do if I keep buying bulbs I can't plant.

Again - moving on.

So Aaron and I made a quick run to Winco to get some dinner (I like my groceries like I like my wine - cheap).  While walking into the store LO AND BEHOLD I find some RANUNCULUS!

... so I bought them.  Because my Ranculus bulbs would need some more mature Ranunculus mentors to look up to.  

Just thought I'd fill you in on my latest obsession.  GOODNIGHT!


  1. Every spring I say I'm going to learn how to garden and start one and I never do but these flowers look gorgeous! I may need to jump on board soon before the end of April is over.

  2. i hope the mature ranunculus are teaching the young guns the ropes!

  3. Ooh I can't wait to see!


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