Monday, March 25, 2013

Shaving Challenged

I have a problem.

A hairy problem.
via - Not a dorm room, but same idea!

When we moved into our new home, we inherited a beautiful bathroom.  BEAUTIFUL.

Complete with a shower
A soaker tub
His-and-her sinks
A walk-in-closet
And private toilet area

It was perfect.  Absolutely perfect.

UNTIL I took my first shower.  

All my life I've always had a shower/tub.  In THIS bathroom they're separate.

So here's my hairy problem.  
I can't shave.
Not in this shower.

I end up bending down, eyes closed (with water pouring down my face) throwing my razor around hoping it'll manage to sweep across my legs.

I've attempted propping myself between the walls and feel absolutely ridiculous.
I've tried holding my leg in the air.  Yoga shaving?  Exactly.
I've tried balancing shampoo bottle on top of each other as a "step" to use.  It's a no brainer that wouldn't work.  Ever.

I'm done.  DUNZO.  
I think I have to settle with hairy legs or battered legs.  I've never cut myself so many times in my entire shaving career as I have these past 6ish months.

Wouldn't it be lovely if this worked?

Just thought I would share my #firstworldproblems hygienic annoyances with everyone!


  1. I totally feel your pain. I lived for 5 years in a house with just a stall shower. I would sit down on the floor and shave (not kidding). So thankful for my tub/shower now.

  2. oh I HATE shaving my legs. hence why i rarely do it!

  3. haha who shaves, anyway!? I have def used the sit on the shower of the floor tactic a time or two.

  4. Just found your blog and I'm your newest follower. You're adorable! And that washroom really is nice!

    I actually had a shower smaller than that and I managed to make shaving my legs work. It's literally just a matter of some serious stamina. You just have to find a way to stand on one leg, while your other leg swings up and rests against the wall (hopefully, your foot can rest on the wall while your leg stays out). You'll have to bend into your leg, but it worked for me!

    Hope that made sense.

    Or, just do my plan B: Stick to waxing :D


  5. hahahahaha!!!! love.

  6. I seriously just snickered in total agreement with you. Shaving. Complicated stuff, man. Especially when you start throwing in the yoga poses. Downward Dog makes it really difficult to handle the razor with precision.

    During my "tiny shower" days, I would point the water at the back wall, and then either sit on the ground, or just lean over. That way the water isn't streaming down your face.

    What's funny is that on my blog, I draw pictures on Microsoft paint to show the beautiful humor in situations. I could totally see a picture of someone in yoga clothes in the shower, bent into some ridiculously hard pose, and trying to shave. Yup. Good laughing.

    Cheers, and good luck with your hairy legs!

  7. Hahaha, this is awesome! I hate using the shower at my parents because it's a separate tub/shower...shaving is near impossible! I feel you girl!! :) Plus, shaving is such a pain anyway....throw in a small shower space?! Ugh. No thanks! Hairy legs for me ;)

  8. ugh I know what you mean! It's uncomfortable for me to shave in our shower because it is so small! but I love this comical.. please visit my blog when you have a chance to enter my giveaway :) xoxo i'm your newest follower

  9. hahha I hate shaving to begin with but this would drive me nuts! I am spoiled because my shower is for wheel chair access so it fits like 10 people in it comfy.. I forget what it's like to shower in a real shower.

    Happy Thursday!

  10. That's the worst have you tried shaving before or after your shower like propping your leg on the tub?

  11. But really you're engaged now you can go hairy it's Portland :)

  12. My husband and I are looking at a house with a shower only in the master. On top of that, it's a tiny little coffin, like shower. I've already told my husband that I'll be adopting the hallway bathroom as my bathroom just for the full size tub/shower. You're totally right - first world problems, lol.

  13. i lift my leg, put my foot on the back wall of my shower and shave like that and i also have a separate shower/tub.


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