Saturday, August 25, 2012

It Happened Again

The last time I passed a kidney stone was in January.  It was only 2 (or 1?!) weeks before I moved to Portland, and my body was clearly feeling the stress/anxiety.

I was in and out of the hospital a couple of times, however my body quickly healed and a short two weeks later I was in the hospital AGAIN to have my darned appendix removed.

....I'm no stranger to ER.

So yesterday, boyfriend and I were on our way to meet with a Realtor to go house shopping.  We were stuck in horrible traffic when I twisted and felt an instant cramp in my side/back.

Oh crap.

Right then the realtor called me to ask if we may be late from the traffic. 

"Yes?  But I may also be passing a kidney stone?  I call you back in 10."

Luckily the realtor is super nice, because I called her back again in 10 to tell her we wouldn't be able to make it.

.... and off to the hospital we went.

I'm stuck in the house today since I'm not quite 100%, so I'm hoping I'll start feeling better soon and I can stop taking pain killers.

LOVELY!  Hope everyone is having a much better Saturday than me :-) 

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  1. How are you feeling now?? There are super cute houses for sale on Fremont I drive by them on my way to work and swoon. Like Fremont and 33-20th


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