Thursday, August 16, 2012

Have I acclimated?

If you've never been to Reno, it's hot. But because it's a desert, it's a "dry heat" with cool nights.

When I came to Portland, I was a baby.
"It's so cold here!"
"Where's the sun?"
"In Reno we have sun."
"When does it get hot? Never?"

Well friends. It's August, and it's fucking  hot as tits.

And now I'm begging for the cloud cover.

Have I acclimated?  It's breaking 100 degrees (BIG DEAL IN PORTLAND) and apartments here don't come with AC (BECAUSE YOU NEVER NEED IT!).

I found myself hoping that there would be cloud cover after work today.  Who was I kidding?  Clealy, I was kidding myself.

Excuse me while I go draw myself a cold bath and turn my fan on full blast.


  1. Everywhere should come with AC because you never know when you'll get a full blast of nasty, sweaty, humid weather...I'd cry.

  2. hah i am experiencing the same thing! i recently moved from philly to seattle and already am feeling the heat even though its nothing compared to what i used to be used to!


  3. That's how it is in Colorado....frrrreezing at night! And omg I know the guy, jared, who created that saying "as tits" haha.

  4. Today has been so hot where I live that I don't feel like doing anything...even eating! That can't be good! :P


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