Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Along Came Polly(Anna)

It's time I introduce my beautiful little girl!!

Meet my little girl

She's the sweetest little girl ever!!  When I got her, she had fleas and tapeworms.  We didn't find out about the tapeworms until later which is possibly why she is so teeny.  She's currently 4.5 months and 5.2 pounds.

Full grown, I was expected her to be about 20 pounds, however it looks like she'll be around 10 (if that).

I adore her - she's sleeping on my tummy as I type :-)

Sleeping in Ibo's Blast Zone - good luck young pup


  1. Hey! I recently came across your page through Alicia @ This is the sweet life! Your puppy is completely adorable! You have a new follower! Hope to keep in touch (:

    <3 Yesi!

  2. Hey Yesi! Thank you - she's even more precious in person if you can believe that! She's a cuddler and is 100% satisfied if she's on your lap or in your arms. Thanks for following!


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