Monday, August 13, 2012

Best Friend Day! (I think)


Melissa at 53Blonde (my Twitter Twin!) mentioned that today is National Best Friend Day. 

I didn't get this memo until just now.

She asked the question: What constitutes a best friend?

I tried my hardest to use my big kid words and come up with a definition, and all I could say was "it's just a feeling."

It's just a feeling?  Really?!

But it is.  So here is what I love about my best friends (and yes - I have more than one and they know who they are!):

1.  Nicknames (note: these are not in any particular order) - I'm starting off with something a little-less-than-heavy-mushy-icky here.  I LOVE NICKNAMES. 
A lot of my friends call me ACray because who wants to respond to "Ashley" ?? 
I'll tell you who
Fifteen other girls in the room. 
That's who. 
Likewise, I tend to have nicknames for my lovely little friendlies.  Whether it's Lou (short for lucifer, of course) or Kimothy, I love nicknames.

2.  No Small Talk - So, how's the weather?  How's life?  Those are all great questions, but there's something about being around your best friend where those aren't the things you talk about.  It's usually:
"Remember that one time I told you about .... well you're not going to BELIEVE what just happened!!!"
"I don't care that it's 6am - I'll come pick you up.  Who's the guy?"
Or just a simple, "I miss you." 

3.  Secrets Be Gone - Simple as that.  You know they'll never judge you.  You know she has told you all of her secrets as well, and you don't judge back.  If someone says something that rubs you the wrong way, she knows instantly that it:
  • Hurt your feelings
  • Knows why
  • Difuses the situation

4.  I've Got Your Back - I get my feelings hurt easily.  Call me sensitive/emotional, whatever.  But my feelings are fragile and I'll be the first to admit it.  My best friends are the people who stick up for me when I need it.  I don't always stick up for myself, so it helps to have a 2nd backbone to help me with it. 
You can bet your little booty that your best friend doesn't care if she's in the COBA Computer Labs - she is going to defend you till the end when questionable rumors arise regarding ex boyfriends.  So whether it's defending me, or crying in my sorority room together with the door shut because we feel too pathetic that both of our little hearts just got broken (that was a long one), my best friends are there through everything.
Oh!  And this goes both ways too...

5.  Memories - I have so many with these ladies.  From the time we got fake nose piercings when we were 8 to the time we spent the entire summer of 2007 glued to each others hip, my best friends and I have had some amazing experiences that ties together our bond.  Here are some examples:
  • Camping and "pranking" the adults with our dinky water guns.  We were outstaged, to say the least.
  • Night in the Country - need I say more?
  • "I'M IN BALLS!!"  - I still laugh about the naked little Bolivian running around the room trying to translate "I'm Naked" to English
  • COBA Labs for-what-seemed-like-eternity
  • TV Room talks
  • Pina Coladas
  • "Pranking" the frat houses at 9am (I'm officially giving up becoming a professional pranker)
  • Going to the Breakaway in sweats/PJs to celebrate something? - I have the pictures to prove this, but now I can't remember why we went?  Jog my memory, lady.
... and so many more I could go on for days.

So I'll repeat Melissa's question - What constitutes a best friend to you?


  1. I love this, how did I miss Best Friends day dangit. I've had the same BF for more than half my life and I'd be lost without her she's so amazing.
    Now I have to go get her a present lol.

    Happy Monday!

  2. Maybe her Best-Friend-Day memo got lost, like mine :-) It's a valid excuse.

  3. I love this and I had dinner with one of my best friends last fitting! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I'm obsessed with this! Such good reasoning and I'm totally the same way about nicknames :)

  5. girllll they seriously have a day for EVERYTHING! i had no idea that is was best friend day, but that is so cool!
    I am glad you have a best friend =).
    your blog is cute and I will be back to read some more posts from you!
    also, your profile picture is sooo dang pretty!
    Have a great day!
    p.s. feel free to join my beauty series starting Wednesday, August 15, it will include guest posts, lots of pictures, letters, and a giveaway at the end!!!

  6. Hey Ashley! I found your blog thru the Daily Tay (Theta love!) and I adore it! I started reading through your posts and found myself nodding along like "Omigosh I know! Yes, exactly! Omg that puppy is SO cute!" haha you are adorable & I'm so happy you're a Pacific Northwesterner, too! I'm from Seattle though I'm actually more of a Portland fan. Can't wait to keep reading! I write over at ~~Shireen

  7. Thank you thank you for the beautiful comments! I've realized I need to develop my blog roll, so I'm going to add anyone who comments to my bloggy roll :-) Thanks again ladies!! (and bare with me and I fix my replies to comments)

    @The Heights Life - I'm so jealous! None of my best friends live near me anymore (I had to be the lame one and move away) so cherish your best-friend-dinner-dates!

    @Melissa - Thank you!! I love when people read my bloggy. And I think nicknames are one of my favorites :-) but I get very posessive over them and get in a fury-rage when other people use my nicknames for my friends! "Only I can call her LOU!" True story.

    @Morgan Nicole - I love finding new bloggies so thank you for sharing!! Count me in! As for celebrations days - have you heard of National Kick a Ginger Day? It's my least favorite and should be abolished.

    @Shireen McCleary - Go Thetaaaa/Pacific Northwesterner! I'm glad you enjoyed my posts! Thanks for sharing your blog - I'll definitely follow! Theta love, girl!

  8. i love this!
    i thought best friend day was last month? but i guess everyday should be best friend day.
    the best part? i actually met one of my best friends in blogland this year.
    it's crazy cakes, i tell you!
    but thats why blogland is amazing.

  9. See - that's why I wasn't sure. I googled "best friend day" and found conflicting dates. Either way it's a fun excuse to brag about your besties :-) And blogland IS amazing! A wonderful networking avenue also.

    Thanks for reading!


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