Friday, August 10, 2012

Finally Friday! Five Things...

Happy Friday!

Here are five things I'm loving right now:

1.  My Polly Puppy - I can't get enough of her.  She's cuddling on my stomach right now as I type (which makes it slightly difficult).

2.  Fiji Essie Nailpolish - Love love love love!  That's all I need to say.

3.  The Jake Owen Pandora Radio Station - For those of you who know me, you know I love me some Jake Owen.  He'll be in Oregon for the Oregon State Fair on September 3rd so I've been trying desperately to win tickets on the radio with no luck :-(  Keeping my fingers crossed!!!

4.  The Pacific Northwest Summer - Just wow.  It's beautiful up here.  The weather is perfect and the nights are wonderful.  I understand why people rave about the summers in the Pacific Northwest!  I just jumped on that bandwagon...

5.  My New "Budget" - I take out $100 cash each week for food/entertainment.  It has been going great so far!


  1. Anonymous12:56 PM

    Jake Owen is a Seminole, you know...

  2. Naturally - he's all things fabulous :-)


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