Sunday, October 21, 2012

25 Going On 80

Boyfriend and I are slowly moving into our new house.
And by "slowly," I mean we have unpacked the kitchen. 
And our closets.
And that's it.
One thing that we needed to do was contact paper the kitchen cupboards/drawers before we could put things away.
My Aunt Peggy is a contact papering maniac.
You see, back in the olden days where computers don't exist and a handshake still means something, people used to use this thing called "contact paper."
It protects your cabinets and drawers.
Guys would help their friends move the heavy shit items.
And girls.
Girls would help each other contact paper the cupboard and drawers.
So whenever I would move into one of my many new apartments, my Aunt would always say, "Wish I were there to help you contact paper!"
So you might remember me contact papering here.
I basically turned into an old-timer and contact papered the crap out of that apartment. 
So when we moved into our new home, you bet your butt I made sure to contact paper!
But this time was different.
This time, boyfriend wanted to help.
I don't know what possessed him. 
But he was in a saucy mood. 
And while pestering him that he didn't know how time consuming this old-lady skill took, he decided to lend a hand.
And by "lend a hand," I mean do it himself. I photographed the moment. 
Because it's worth a million bucks to me :-)

 I know with the newer cabinets/laminate interior, you almost don't need to.  But I still don't like to risk things spilling.
Has anyone else ever contact papered?

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  1. So I'm stalking you now since the more I read the more I want to drive to Portland and say 'howdy...lets be friends.' But this post makes me say 'hey I think contact paper is necessary but I cant do it without getting bumps...can I hire you?'


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