Thursday, April 26, 2012

New Apartment! .... again

Boyfriend and I moved again. Some stupid stipulation about making too much money to live in low income housing forced us to find a new apartment. Conveniently, we moved across the street :-) Even more conveniently, we didn’t have to pay to break the lease since it was their oversight. WIN!

We love the location – it’s the #1 thing keeping us out of a house (which would most likely be more affordable and would definitely be roomier). Our new apartment is exceptionally awesome. Our massive living room window overlooks a soccer/football/lacrosse field. It’s beautiful – boyfriend calls it our stadium view and “box seats.” It’s totally true. In the morning I sit by the window and watch the early morning runners jogging the track. Healthy bastards Good for them.

In the evening, we can watch soccer games/lacrosse games/flag football games/everything! We also have a beautiful view of downtown. Who needs a TV with this view?! It’s definitely motivational to see people running and being active in the gloom. The only bad part is that there is constant activity in the park-area, so boyfriend’s precocious puppy feels that he needs to protect us by random bark-spurts throughout the night. We’ll work on that.

So it’s perfect for right now. We are able to walk downtown and be fully immersed in Portland life (except for the whole hairy-no-shaving-and-super-smelly-hippy thing), however it’s just a matter of time before we start looking at houses. Between both of our jobs, we could easily afford a decent home but for now we are still learning Portland.  Not to mention the price we are paying to live close to downtown could get us a lovely 3 bedroom house with leftovers... just sayin....

Aunt Peggy would be proud of my contact-papering skills


  1. Allison B4:32 AM

    Your new place looks awesome! So happy for you two. And can I please come visit!?

  2. I'm not sure how I never noticed your comment before - but YES COME VISIT ALLISON!!!!!!

  3. Wow, that’s quite a view outside your window! Your apartment looks really cozy. I’m sure you and your boyfriend love the new place. Does it feel any different than living where you last did, considering it’s just across the street?


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