Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dog Pee

I was recently told by someone that my boyfriend's dog doesn't like me, which I took extremely personal.  One of the possible reasons for this comment is because the boyfriend's dog PEES on my stuff!

Ok.  Maybe my clothes shouldn't be on the ground in the first place.  But really - who's perfect?  Certainly not me.

So because his dog urinates on my clothing, some people have assumed that his dog doesn't like me.  And I would be lying if I said that I didn't agree with them.  My friend Kimmy once told me she would support me if I decided to pee on someone's car for revenge.  Revenge typically indicates hatred.  Not love.

So I was explaining this to my hair stylist (Taylor Brown if anyone is looking for a stylist!) today, and she told me:
Honey - if a dog pees on your clothes, it means he loves you!

I'm thinking this lady is crazy and suffering from an anything-bad-is-actually-really-good syndrome, but she swore up and down that this was true.

So I googled it.

Here are the facts:

When a dog pees on your items marked with your scent (typically clothing), this means he is marking you as his territory.  This means that you are his and he is protecting you from other dogs by claiming his ownership of you.

This can also be caused by anxiety in which "the dog's anxiety causes it to seek out any behavior that has a calming effect, including chewing or urinating on objects that smell like its owner."

Another website mentioned that some dogs "place their ‘signature’ and add personal touches to territory or property they perceive to be theirs, in the hopes that outsiders will stay away."

There you have it!  He loves me.

Source:  Why do dogs urinate on their owner's clothing?
Source:  Why dogs mark territory with urine

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  1. Anonymous2:14 AM

    He DOES really like you!!!!

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