Sunday, January 15, 2012

3 Things

1.  Movies movies movies - since school has gotten out, I have been watching movies GALORE!  I canceled my TV during school to eliminate distraction, so now I thrive on Redbox.  So far my two favorites are The Help and Friends With Benefits.  Love!

2.  Passing stones - as most of you probably know, I have been spending some extra time in the ER for horrible kidney stones.  The pain from kidney stones is horrible, and this episode caused me so much pain that I threw up for an entire day (TMI?).  I'm ready for this to be OVER!  Thanks for the support friends!
Wish I could have screen-captured everyone's comments - I have some supportive friends!

3.  Pledge 4-in-1 Hardwood Floor Cleaner - I love this stuff!  This is the type of clean that you just squirt on your floor and mop up.  It's super easy, and I love the way it cleans my hardwood floors.

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