Wednesday, October 06, 2010

I'm bitter...

For the first time ever, I dislike school.  Why did I decide to take an Internet Programming 2 class?  A class that, at the time I didn't realize, requires countless hours spent on the computer attempting to create some ridiculous program and writing things like:

if (Page.IsCrossPagePostBack) {
return; }
if (Page.PreviousPage == null) {
"Errors.aspx"); }
if (Page.PreviousPage.Form.Name == "FormDefault") {
"Amount"] = ((TextBox)(PreviousPage.FindControl("txtLoanAmount"))).Text; {
if (Page.PreviousPage.Form.Name == "FormChangeAssumptions")


I am bitter to have to go to class after working a 9 hour day (ok... so it's 8 hours with a 1 hour lunch.... so I like to think of it as 9 hours).  I am BITTER when I hear people complaining about going to school and working part time.  SUCK IT UP.  If I go to school 2 days a week, and work 5 days a week, does that allow me to say "I go to school and work 7 days a week" ??  NOPE.  I am bitter when I have to go to school to work on this horrible Internet Programming 2 class on my only days I don't have class directly after work.

I dislike class.  I'm not eager to learn.  I want to come home after work like my friends instead of going to class until 10pm.

Right now, I'm just bitter.  I want a blanket.  I want some warm socks.  And I want pizza.

:-)  Ok that is all!

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  1. I feel for ya stud. I'm tired of you being gone alllll day too! ...And Ibo misses you!


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