Monday, June 01, 2015

Dog Mountain Hike

Last year Aaron and I hiked Dog Mountain and I got my butt kicked.

I remember stopping at every switchback I possibly could for a drink of water and a time-out to rest my lungs.  People were passing us and I felt totally defeated.  I had been working out so I was confident in my hiking abilities but remembered feeling like Dog Mountain whooped my butt.

I've been dying to hike Dog Mountain this year as the wild flower pictures have been GORGEOUS.  There's a short window to view the wild flowers, and while we sliiiightly missed it we still caught a glimpse of the flowers.

But the best part?

This time I whooped Dog Mountain's butt.  The only time we stopped was once to get a drink of water.  I pushed through that hike like it was nobody's business and you bet your BOOTY that I was damned proud of myself at the top of that hike.

The hike was gorgeous.  It's about 7 miles round trip and 2,800 feet elevation gain so it's decently steep (but nothing NEAR Rock of Ages hike).

I just can't even with this picture.  Between Polly's princess-ness, and those muscles holding her I just want to squeeze them both!

We did the entire hike in just under 3 hours.  We would have finished even faster BUT I managed to injure myself less than halfway down.

I rolled my ankle and went DOWN.  HARD.  Aaron was worried about my knee since I landed entirely on my right side, but I was worried about my ankle that hurt so bad it took my breath away.  

I was super proud of myself that I managed to {eventually} stand back up without crying once.  

Buuuuuuuuut then it happened a second time about 20 feet from the trailhead.  I rolled the same ankle, went DOWN, and started bawling.  
It hurt like a mother trucker.

… and still hurts like a mother trucker.  Just waiting for the swelling to subside so I can get off the couch and back to my fitbit steps!

Officer McDreamy taking care of me

Bella And The City


  1. Yikes! That had to of been really painful!!! Rolled it not only once but twice... Your ankle looked like my moms did. She sprained her ankle for the first time in her life last week. The funny thing is just a few days prior my brother and her was talking about running injuries and how one of us would end up with a sprain as runners eventually... well he willed it. lol

    A couple days later we went for a evening run and we were on our way back and we cut through this small dirt path off the road that leads to our garage. We always do but it was getting kinda dark and everything wasn't very lit up she was going a bit too fast and... BAM. I turned the corner just in time to see her look down at her watch and try to unclip the mp3 player from her shorts as she stepped on the uneven transition of dirt to our driveway stepping on a large rock. Her ankle rolled and popped and she slammed knee first into the gravelly concrete. Immediately hugged her leg and foot and yelled out "I broke my ankle! GO get your brother now!" and started crying like a baby. It was bad. I ran in the house got my brother, he came out, painfully pulled her shoe and sock off and poked and prodded her ankle and tried to assure her that it was just a bad sprain and not a break. Then swept her up off the ground and carried her into the house bridal style and iced it for the night... Next day xrays and it was a pretty bad sprain. Tore a ligament in her ankle.

    Anyway enough with the lonnnggg story I apologize coffee has me too talkative. lol How is your ankle doing now?

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