Monday, April 06, 2015

Ashley's Hiking Chronicles - Rock of Ages

I probably sound like a broken record these days with my constant hiking posts, but we've been SPOILED with decent weather this spring in the PNW and we are taking FULL advantage of it.

This weekend's hike was Rock of Ages.  After looking at pictures we thought it looked like fun.

Fun:  Yes
Hard: Hell yea

This was a difficult hike.  You gain 3,000 feet in under 3 miles.  That's slightly over 1,000 ft/mile.  If you don't know what that means, it means steep.

Super duper steep.

Unfortunately we didn't get too terribly many photos of the super steep parts.  We were too busy holding onto tree roots and clinging to the mountain for dear life.  Here's the information from

  • Start point: Horsetail Falls TrailheadRoad.JPG
  • End Point: Horsetail Falls Trailhead
  • Hike Type: Loop
  • Distance: 10.0 miles
  • Elevation gain: 3000 feet
  • Difficulty: Difficult (steepness, length and creek crossing)
  • Seasons: Apr-Oct
  • Family Friendly: No
  • Backpackable: Yes
  • Crowded: Only at trailhead

And for the best part - pictures!

The arch! 
Devil's backbone

Looking down
Looking up


  1. I can never get over how green all of your hiking pictures are! We definitely don't have that on our Colorado hikes. That trail looks absolutely gorgeous!

  2. I always worry for your safety but know that you're totally fine and thank you for these photos!

  3. It's si pretty! Take me on an easy one please!!


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